Executive Office Chair vs Managerial Office Chair – What Are The Differences?

Executive Office Chair vs Managerial Office Chair – What Are The Differences?

While the roles of manager and executive are quite easily defined and understood to be vastly different, we’re often left wondering exactly what the difference is between and executive vs managerial office chair. Does one cost more? Is the other more comfortable?

We’re here to explain the differences between each of the chairs, and why you might want to choose one over the other:

What is an Executive Office Chair?

Executive chairs are designed for the man or woman who works most of their day in a static position; they are inundated with important and confidential information, they need to make well-thought-out decisions and need to be as comfortable as possible.

The aesthetic, however, is usually what gives away the type of chair being used. An executive chair will likely be well-padded and covered in a formal and high-quality looking material. Executive chairs will also be more spacious and comfortable, boding well with the notion that an executive will likely spend more time being confined to their chair than a manager or other staff in general.

A higher back rest (typically adjustable, too) is a common feature of executive chairs; this allows for full support throughout the workday, and an easing of back and neck pain associated with poor support in these areas. That being said – an executive chair is designed for static use. They may come fitted with wheels, but because of the typical nature of work of an executive, they are less likely to need to move between stations at their desks.

Lastly, you can expect to pay a higher price; factoring in the superior quality materials used, and the support structures in place to promote a healthy spine – the price is naturally driven up.


What is a Managerial Office Chair?

Managerial office chairs do offer some added benefits that are often absent in an executive chair – the most obvious one being added mobility. A manager may be expect their day to include a lot of movement, whether it be from Their computer to a storage cabinet, from one side of their desk to another – or moving their chair entirely to assist another employee or provide training to them. For this reason, mobility is far more important than necessary in an executive chair – so if this is an aspect of your day-to-day work life, it may be a good idea to opt for a “lower” range managerial chair over an executive chair.

Manger chairs are also typically more compact; managers are usually seated within a shared or open office space, in which there might be space constraints. An executive will typically have their own office – which is why an executive chair is always a little more spacious.

You can also expect less “adjustable” features when looking at a managerial chair – such as arm rests and back support. This may also be another consideration you need to take if you experience back or shoulder tension associated with prolonged times of being seated.

Lastly – a managerial office chair will is designed to allow for prolonged sitting; this may be in the form of added padding – and is also evident in the added mobility we previously mentioned. Expect to pay a lower price on   a managerial chair than an executive chair.


Executive Chair vs Manger Chair: In Summary

  • Manager chairs typically have less adjustable
  • Manager chairs are more compact in comparison.
  • Manager chairs are easier to manoeuvre.
  • Manager chairs are designed for prolonged, slightly mobile use (rolling from one area of a desk to another, or across to a printer behind you, for example).


  • Executive chairs usually include more formal looking design touches (leather and faux-leather armrests, for example)
  • Executive chairs usually have a higher back.
  • Executive chairs are usually a little bigger.
  • Executive chairs are designed for more prolonged, static use.
  • Executive chairs often cost a little more.

h/t to elmworkspace.com for the information sourced!


How to Choose Between an Executive vs Managerial Chair

Consider the following points if you are gravitating towards an executive office chair:

  • Affordability and value for money
  • Adjustability and mobility
  • Support; if this is your biggest focus – consider an ergonomic chair instead of choosing between these two types
  • Aesthetic; an executive chair displays a more profession and luxe look


Consider the following points if you are gravitating towards a managerial office chair:

  • Your space constraints are a real problem, but you don’t want to compromise on your chair quality.
  • You are seated for prolonged periods
  • You require extensive mobility throughout your work day



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