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Executive Leather Office Chairs – Worth the Spend or Overhype?

Executive Leather Office Chairs – Worth the Spend or Overhype?

How often have you searched for office furniture online, or browsed through a catalogue for a mass market stationery or furniture firm, and come across an ad for a leather office chair at a price that seems too good to be true? Well, the truth is that the deal is probably not quite as good as it first appears.

If you see office chairs being advertised as being “genuine leather” it does not necessarily mean that they are particularly good. There are different types of leather, and the quality can vary greatly between the types. Indeed, just because a chair looks like a leather office chair does not necessarily mean that it has any leather components at all.

Any buyer wanting a good leather office chair, or indeed any other leather product, needs to undertake some research before they make a purchase.

There are various grades of leather and leather look-a-likes. Here are the main ones. Your cheap leather office chairs will normally be manufactured using fabrics at the cheap end of the scale. Surprisingly many of the leather look-alike office chairs are better quality than those made from genuine leather.

Pros and Cons of a Leather Executive Office Chair

  • Advantages of a Leather Executive Office Chair

  • Leather has always been associated with prestige. No other material can give you the same feeling of luxury like a leather office chair. Blame it on Hollywood movies or a CEO using this type of chair for all his deals.
  • Chairs crafted with leather upholstery create a certain aura which is stylish and sleek and can never be compared to any other material. This chair has a finish which cannot be compared to any other chair available.
  • The durability factor of such chairs is flawless. These chairs are considered over others because even though it is expensive, it has all the traits that is worth the money spent.
  • Chairs having leather upholstery come in countless varieties leaving you with number of options in terms of style, shape, colour and size.
  • This chair requires a cleaning treatment every six months which makes it easy to maintain. You can just wipe it with a cloth for daily cleaning chores.
  • It gives a sense of pride followed by its eye catching appeal, your design expectations and durability.
  • Disadvantages of a Leather Executive Office Chair

  • After the advantages, there are a few disadvantages that you have to remember before buying a leather upholstered chair.
  • Using such a chair in hot conditions can be torturing. Without air conditioners, leather chairs can make you sweaty and uncomfortable.
  • The material has the ability to transfer some mild shine to your clothes. So if you are planning to sit on this chair for months, you might be ruining your expensive suits over time.
  • Opting for a good leather chair can cost you a lot. Even though you will find number of cheap options in the market but good quality and low price never go hand in hand. In simple words, if you want a good quality chair, get ready to spend a potful of bucks. You can also find a good quality office chair online.
  • Such surfaces are usually slippery. A hunched over posture with a leather chair can be quite uncomfortable as it has a tendency to form a slippery surface.

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