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Executive Desking South Africa – High-End Office Desks for the Discerning Executive

Executive Desking South Africa – High-End Office Desks for the Discerning Executive

Being an executive has likely taken years and years of hard work, late hours and sacrifice. The last thing you should have to worry about as an executive is work-related back pain (LINK), uncomfortable desks and restricted storage space for confidential documentation. For this reason, the executive desk solution was designed. It bears in mind the requirements of a busy professional, while adding an element of design and functionality into its workings.

Yes, the price tag typically associated with executive desking does carry into a bit of a higher range, but there is zero compromise on quality or design. We review the top 4 executive desking solutions available at Ixaxa Office to help you make the best informed decision possible.

Executive Desking – Evo Executive Desk

Dimensions of 2000mm x 1200mm x 722mm means there is no restriction on space when using this setup. As deep as most standard desks are wide, ample space is provided for business meetings, planning and short-term storage on the desk itself. As if that’s not enough, the optional meeting table and extension arms can add significantly more space, if so required.
Adding a Pedenza or Credenza means lockable storage is at your fingertips, making day to day storage of notes and client info a breeze.

Have a closer look at the Evo Executive Desk here – https://ixaxaoffice.co.za/products/office-desks/executive-desking?product=evo-executive-desk
Executive Desking- Woza LE Executive Desk

Executive products are developed with a function orientated understanding with designs that add value to the image and status of the individual user.

This specific range can be tailored to suit almost any office layout and is slightly more compact in size when compared to the spacious Evo Executive Desk setup. The finishing’s are more classical in style and are better suited to a high-end office setup that is only perhaps going for a slightly more modern look, as opposed to an entire overhaul of the workspace.

View the Woza LE Executive desk station here – https://ixaxaoffice.co.za/products/office-desks/executive-desking?product=woza-le-executive-desk


Executive Desking – Woze OE Executive Desk

The Woza OE executive range is distinguishable for functionality and chromatic features.  Structures of the desks, made of aluminium frames and joints under the working tops, are integrated by different storage elements, complementing the range.

Available complimentary accessories include meeting tables, pedestals and storage units.

View this classical range with a modern twist by clicking here – https://ixaxaoffice.co.za/products/office-desks/executive-desking?product=woza-oe-executive-desk


Executive Desking – Woza TL Executive Desk

The Woza TL Executive workstation is aesthetically light and balanced, and delivers creative solutions to a variety of space planning and functional needs.

The TL Managerial workstation is a modular, easily configured and re-configured product, and is manufactured and assembled using a unique triangular aluminium beam based leg system, with additional architectural beams for supporting reticulation trays, screening, third level storage and accessories.

For the best in modern and classical merging’s for office desks, click here to find out more – https://ixaxaoffice.co.za/products/office-desks/executive-desking?product=woza-tl-executive-desk


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