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Everything To Know About Back Support Office Chairs in 2020

Everything To Know About Back Support Office Chairs in 2020

For everyday South Africans, working requires up to 40 hours of sitting at your desk each week, particularly if your office doesn’t make provision for standing desks and other health conscious alternatives. Sitting in a chair that provides decent back support is a necessity, not a luxury, and is something to be prioritised particularly if you work long hours. An office chair with back support not only assists with better posture, but can help you to avoid complications later down the line. Let’s explore why back support matters, how you can go about getting a new chair at work, and where you should be looking whenever you need an ergonomic office chair. 

Why Back Support Matters

Back support in a chair matters for two simple reasons: the lack of can either be the cause of back problems, or even exacerbate the issue if you already have posture issues. When you’re spending 8 hours a week in an office chair, being aware of the support the chair offers, and making a splash about it if you are unhappy, is important. Poor posture results in a multitude of issue later in life as part of the aging process, and if you don’t prioritise sitting on a decent office chair in 2020, by the time you retire (and with the company you work for long out of your memory) you may be wishing you paid a bit more attention, especially if your mobility is affected negatively. 

The Back Support Test

If you’re sitting at work or at home right now, take a second to test the back support on the chair you’re sitting on. Sit up straight, and sway backwards and forwards in an upright position, feeling the tension (or lack of) at the base of your spine. If the chair is making a noise, then it’s likely that it is starting to show signs of wear and tear. This can be the downfall of any good office chair, so while the chair may offer decent lumbar support, if it’s starting to fall apart it may be time to flag it to the other members of the team, or an office manager. The back support test only takes a couple of seconds and can save you a lot of trouble in the long run. 

What is a Back Support Office Chair?

A back support office chair is a sturdy, comfortable piece of furniture designed with ergonomics in mind. These chairs help to keep you upright, to maintain a good posture, and never result in your feeling sore or stiff after a long work day. A lot of these types of chairs tend to be labeled as “heavy duty”, but you don’t necessarily need to buy a heavy duty chair if you’re looking for something with lumbar support. If you’re on the market for a new chair, explore some of the trends for 2020, which include a range of chairs not only designed with style and comfort in mind, but effectively ensuring that you’re looking after your body as well. 

Where To Look For Your Next Office Chair

It can be intimidating to know where to start your research, so approaching a specialist like Ixaxa Office Furniture could be a good place to start. Having been in the industry for decades, these guys know a thing or two about office chairs. Better yet, they design all their latest furniture ranges, which you can see on their website, based on feedback from clients, and with a leaning towards international furniture trends. If ergonomic back support is what you’re after, look no further. All the best on your search to find your next office chair. 

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