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Ergonomic vs. Non-Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic vs. Non-Ergonomic Chairs

Firstly, what is an ergonomic chair?

An ergonomic chair is intended for everyone. These are the chairs with all your premium adjustments and attachments, aimed to be perfect for all your sitting needs. They are designed specifically for efficiency, comfort, and appearance in the working environment and are your top-of-the-range choice in terms of beneficial seating. 

But how much do they actually vary from normal, everyday chairs?


With ergonomic chairs, the more time you spend sitting in them the more suitable and ideal they become for you. They adapt to suit your body’s weight and height and the way you sit in your chair. 

Whereas with a normal chair, you will have to manually adjust and adapt your chair to suit your preferences and this will often leave you in an unhealthy sitting position (considering the number of hours you are seated.).

Seat height:

Ergonomic chairs are able to adjust in terms of height in order to accommodate for your taller or shorter people. They can be adjusted up to 20 inches making height a non-issue. 

Non-Ergonomic chairs are non-adjustable and stay in a fixed position. This means you cannot customize the height on your chair. This limits consumers in terms of comfort and causes many back problems after a prolonged amount of time.


Sitting puts extreme pressure on one’s lumbar vertebrae which can put one at risk of Spondylolisthesis, facet joint hypertrophy, spinal arthritis, and spinal instability. 

Both ergonomic and non-ergonomic chairs have lumbar support, that’s a given. 

However, on a non-ergonomic chair, the lumbar support is not adjustable and stays in a fixed position. This results in people who are above or below average height sitting uncomfortably without the necessary lumbar support at all, putting them at a higher risk of bodily issues in the future. 

With an ergonomic chair, the lumbar support is adjustable and therefore you can fit and place it to your exact requirements, providing optimal support for your spine during your working day. 


Non-ergonomic chairs will, of course, have padding. However, the padding is often cheaper and is not suitable for prolonged sitting. This padding provides cushioning for your back but it does not provide the required support and stability that your back constantly needs. 

Ergonomic chairs have a perfect firm-to-soft ratio and this allows for comfort AND optimal back support. This benefits your health, as well as improves your productivity as you find yourself well-seated, comfortable and content enough to work throughout the day. 

Additionally, ergonomic chairs are commonly covered in quality leather or cloth adding a feel of durability, style, and comfort to your chair. 

To conclude, when it comes to sitting, you need a chair that is going to do the most for you in terms of health, comfort, and appearance. 

Ergonomic chairs are designed exactly for that by offering various adjustments, additional padding, and quality materials all in one chair.

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