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Ergonomic Office Chairs: WAU Executive vs Apollo

Ergonomic Office Chairs: WAU Executive vs Apollo

Ergonomic office chairs are designed to keep employees whose role requires them to be seated for prolonged period of time to be fully supported, have seating-related pains alleviated – and promote healthy spine habits.

We also know that not all ergonomic office chairs are created equal  – so we’ve decided to put our two best ranges of ergonomic office chairs to the test: We compare the ever-popular WAU executive ergonomic chair to the Apollo Ergonomic chair – to see which of the two chairs has the best ergonomic features.

What Features Should an Ergonomic Hair Have?

  • Lumbar support
  • High-quality, durable material
  • Mobility (wheels)
  • Height-adjustable arm rest
  • Neck rest
  • Adjustable height
  • Adjustable back rest


WAU Executive vs Apollo

WAU Executive Ergonomic Chair Apollo Ergonomic Chair
Lumbar support – Yes Lumbar support – Yes
High-quality, durable material – Yes (recyclable) High-quality, durable material – Yes
Mobility (wheels) – Yes Mobility (wheels) – Yes
Height-adjustable arm rest – No Height-adjustable arm rest – No


Neck rest – Yes (fully adjustable) Neck rest – Yes (static, non-adjustable)
Adjustable height – Yes Adjustable height – Yes
Adjustable back rest – Yes Adjustable back rest – No (static back rest)
Added features: unique recline-guide tilting Added features: None


As we can see, the differences between the WAU executive and the Apollo range of ergonomic office chairs have minor – but noticeable differences.

That is not to say one is superior to the other – they just have varied suitable applications.

In an environment where you still want the benefits of an ergonomic chair, without the higher price tag associated with executive ergonomic chairs – you may want to opt for the Apollo range. It still assists with daily lumbar support and spinal health, but cannot be fully adjusted to suit the user.

The WAU executive is geared towards those who want nothing but the best – perhaps the executive who all but lives at the office and may suffer from back pain. This chair is the top of the range in terms of ergonomic features, and guarantees a comfortable day at the office – 7 days a week.


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