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Ergonomic Furniture for Start-up Business: Why Even The Smallest Business Needs to Invest in Ergonomics

Ergonomic Furniture for Start-up Business: Why Even The Smallest Business Needs to Invest in Ergonomics

One of the biggest misconceptions about office ergonomics is that it is only viable for large businesses with big numbers and big budgets. Well, allow us to address this vicious rumour and say that this is not true at all. By no means does ergonomics need to be an expensive process.

Ergonomics and the overall health of your workforce is just as important for small businesses as it is for large businesses. In much the same way that small businesses get started by bootstrapping their operations, the same can be done with ergonomics. And there’s good reason to do so; it can bring big value and save a lot of resources for small businesses.

If you are still on the fence about the value of ergonomics specifically for a small business, consider the points below:

Benefits of Ergonomic Office Furniture in Small Businesses

Your employee comfort matters

That figure starkly illustrates why a few quid spent on decent equipment — plus training so your staff knows how to use it — is a very worthwhile investment.

Quite apart from the fact that, as an employer, you have a duty of care to your employees, back pain and other problems can cost your company dearly. Neck pain, repetitive strain injury and other ailments are worryingly common. Recent research from the Post Office Shop found that 63% of Britain’s office workers complain of aches at their workstation.

Even if musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) like these aren’t enough to force people to take time off, they can sap productivity and damage the atmosphere in your office as your employees (understandably) moan about their aches and pains.

It’s not hard to make things better

Ergonomic issues can creep up on your company if you don’t stay on top of them — particularly if the people in your business don’t like to make a fuss. Getting the basics right is pretty straightforward.

Buy good-quality, fully adjustable office chairs. Make sure monitors can be positioned at an appropriate height, and allow staff to request footrests, additional lumbar support, wrist rests and other ergonomic devices to make themselves comfortable. Even small things can make an enormous difference.

Employee retention

No one wants to work with equipment that just doesn’t fit right. Not only can it lead to pain and discomfort overtime but it also just wears on even the most engaged employee. Keeping star employees engaged and motivated is key for building a strong foundation to any company. This is especially true for small businesses since it can be much too costly to search for, interview, and hire another employee to replace your star employee – if that is even possible. There is a direct relationship between job satisfaction and employee retention; if you can keep your staff happy it is very unlikely that they will leave the company.

Staff productivity

There is a lot of support that an ergonomics program in any work environment will help to improve employee morale and productivity. Employees who are less fatigued are able to work without discomfort are more productive, more alert and happier overall. From a practical approach we all know that this is true: a ergonomically designed job will be more comfortable overall for everyone. No doubt that this enhances employee performance.


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