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Eco-Friendly Workspace – Create An Atmosphere Employees Will Love

Eco-Friendly Workspace – Create An Atmosphere Employees Will Love

“Millennial’s are the future workforce that will by 2025 take three-quarters of all available jobs on a global level. That is why concentrating on creating and adopting ideas important to them may be crucial for the company to succeed. And one of the things millennial’s care about is the environment and eco-friendly behaviour.

Based on the reports, our planet is facing a lot of problems that will turn back to every living being on Earth. Some animal species are already extinct, drought took many human lives while floods and other natural disasters took their toll as well. Being a generation that is informed and proactive, millennial’s care about these matters and are well aware of the importance of going green.

In order to create an eco-friendly work-space for your millennial employees, here are some things you can easily do:

Start Using Solar Energy

Solar panels are expensive but they are also a great option to save energy and lower your bills in the long run. If your offices are in places that have more sun over the years then you should seriously consider harvesting its energy. You don’t have to completely rely on the solar power, but only use some of it to power certain systems in the building.

For example, you can choose the devices that cause the most energy consumption and plug them into the solar grid. That way, you will lower your emissions and pay less for the consumption. Lastly, you can use that extra money to help the environment by donating it to organizations that work on preserving it.

Promote Recycling

Place recycle bins in your office with clear instructions of what is appropriate to throw into them and a proper way to do so. Probably the number one thing you can recycle in the office is paper. Additionally, to promote these activities buy recycled products for the offices to show the benefits of being eco-friendly.

Place Oxygen-Producing Plants In Your Offices

Plants are great for the offices as decorations since they have a relaxing effect and help mitigate stress. There is another wonderful plus side of plants and that is their ability to produce oxygen. However, some plants do so more than others, so focus on placing them all around the office. Millennial’s love nature and by inviting some inside, you will give them a comfortable work environment that agrees with their principles.

Take Care Of Your Windows

Old windows can let in hot or cold air, so make you use more energy to heat or cool the offices. That way HVAC systems also emit more gas into the atmosphere which then influences the creation of greenhouse effect. If you replace the sealant on windows, as well as your doors, you will be able to prevent this.

Additionally, based on the location of your offices consider using some type of shading on the windows. For example, installing window furnishings in Australia is highly advisable since the country has around 340 sunny days per year. This is why you should evaluate the weather before deciding on heavy shades to prevent sunlight from bothering your employees or opting for bear windows so they can enjoy the view.

Use Energy Efficient Equipment

There are many ways to lower your energy consumption but buying equipment that does so from the start is also an important step. Look for the devices and appliances that have a label declaring them as efficient. They may cost a little bit more, but you will quickly account for that price difference when you get a lower bill next month.

Among those energy efficient devices are LED lights as well. They not only spend less energy, but also last longer and emit little heat. Install thermostats in your office that will turn on and off certain systems like HVAC or lights. You can even use smart devices and do this over your phone through an app and a single tap.


If you care about your employees, it will become a more efficient workforce and help you grow and expand. Creating an eco-friendly workspace is attractive to millennial’s and they will undoubtedly appreciate your efforts as will our environment.”

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