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Custom Made Reception Stations vs Ready Made Reception Stations

Custom Made Reception Stations vs Ready Made Reception Stations

A staggering array of options presents itself to those in search of furnishings for a new office or office design. Sufficient furnishings of differing forms and functions exist for nearly any purpose a designer can imagine. Even then, those with a creative inspiration may discover that “sufficient” is not enough either for the intended function, or to suit the vision the designer has in mind.

Off-the-shelf office furnishings are designed to appeal to the broadest base of potential customers. These pieces are designed to suit a general situation, as opposed to a specific need. When attempting to find furniture for an oddly shaped space, or furnishings with a distinctive aesthetic, ready-made office furniture may not fit the bill.

Most people are doubtful about the idea of getting custom made furniture for one very good reason: money. The image of custom goods is of luxury, ultra-high-end living “Trump” style, and if you don’t see yourself in that income bracket anytime soon, you may dismiss the whole concept. This is unfortunate, because there can be many excellent, practical benefits to custom furnishings. A custom piece will solve certain problems that no ready-made equivalent can.

Advantages of Custom Made Office Reception Stations

Fitting your space. Not everyone has the luxury of working in a big open planned space, with all the furniture-manoeuvring room in the world. Especially in cities, staff deal with oddly shaped spaces or spaces that have no relation to standard furniture sizes that mass production depends on. Conversely, a large open layout needs spatial division elements for comfort and organization

Fitting functional needs. Store-bought or ready-made furniture can’t always do what you need done. Example, you do a lot of desk work and have one particular corner to accommodate desk, computer, supplies, etc. You may be lucky and find sturdy ready-made pieces that will fit that corner and your work requirements. Or you may not!

Fitting your soul. A piece of furniture can fulfill a deep personal yearning or vision. That level of individual pleasure doesn’t come from standardized items. Another “soul” consideration is your awareness of environmental problems, from both ethical and health standpoints. If you don’t like the idea of living with glued-together processed wood, left over from clear-cutting and leaking toxic gases, keep in mind that mass-produced furniture is often built with such products.

Custom made furniture is a way to address all these issues, and need not bust your budget. To match space and function needs, you collaborate with a craftsman who helps you “spec” exactly the size, shape, and features that you need. Some makers will duplicate a piece you want used as a model. All aspects – function and measurements, shape, materials used, final finishing and (if applicable) custom upholstery or custom slipcovers – are carefully determined ahead of time. A piece needn’t be large or imposing to take its place in your house as a personal treasure. A custom ottoman – perhaps echoing one that you saw elsewhere and loved — that looks and feels exactly right in your bedroom, or in front of your fireplace, can provide the same kind of satisfaction as a credenza or sofa. 

Custom vs Manufactured Furnishings

Consider the time in which you need the furnishings when deciding between custom and manufactured executive office furniture. Furniture designers will need time to draft an acceptable piece, when further time to create it. Those willing to wait may find their patience rewarded.

Company branding plays an important role in the success of a business venture. Custom furniture design creates distinctive pieces that are unique to your company’s look. Signature articles of furniture provide both functionality for your workers as well as recognition for your brand.

Hint: Hire a Custom Office Designer

Not all situations call for custom office furniture. In some cases, a skilful designer can utilize ready-made furniture to create a signature look for both functionality and brand enhancement. If you are considering custom office furniture, you may choose to consult an experienced designer for advice on how best to achieve the look you hope for.

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