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How to Choose the Right Furniture for Your Restaurant

How to Choose the Right Furniture for Your Restaurant

If you are in the planning stages of your restaurant, there are many things to consider, but one of the most important things will be the furniture that you choose for your customers. Of course, much of the choice will depend upon the size of your restaurant and the clientele you expect to serve. The following are a few things to consider when selecting furniture

  • Stick to Your Goal Aesthetic

Too often, small restaurant owners fall into a trap after selecting too many items that simply don’t complement one another. Rather than get stuck with a mix of mismatched furniture and accessories, strategically plan each piece of furniture and decoration that will be placed in your restaurant beforehand. Come up with a goal aesthetic for your restaurant and choose colors, patterns and materials that fit within it. Keep it simple by sticking to neutral tones and limiting the amount of patterns you use to one or two that use the same color mix.

  • Choose Quality Over Quantity

Although inexpensive options may seem enticing at first, it is important to note that quality furniture will be more cost effective in the long run. Opt for chairs and tables that are made from quality materials like strong woods and metals. Also pay close attention to the fabrics used to ensure that they are thick and strong enough to last as your restaurant grows. Another important factor to note will be the construction of the chairs and tables. Check their stability and strength before purchasing to make sure that their structures are completely safe and solid for your guests. Even if it means cutting down on the amount of tables in your space to fit within your budget, always put quality over quantity when it comes to restaurant furniture.

  • Evaluate Your Customers’ Needs

Knowing and understanding your customer is key to building a successful restaurant. Analyze your target demographic based on the cuisine and price range of your restaurant. Will your target audience be concerned with chair cushioning and table height? Should you consider options that are able to accommodate booster seats and high chairs for children?

  • Set the Right Mood

While it may seem a bit silly, the shape, height and length of your tables can greatly affect how your guests behave in your setting. Large round tables provide a more intimate feel while narrow, long tables offer a more elegant and formal setting. High, round cocktail tables also encourage guest movement for mingling. Consider your intended use for your space as well as the amount of room that will be needed to comfortably serve your cuisine to choose the right tables. Also take a moment to think about the mood you would like to set with your chairs. Would you prefer a more formal setting with standard wood chairs, or a comfy, relaxed space with heavily cushioned, wider chairs?

  • Have fun with it!

While it’s important to keep your goal aesthetic, demographic and restaurant mood in mind, it’s also important to have fun with the entire process of building or remodelling your restaurant. Whether you are going at it alone or have hired a professional to help you out, make sure that your finished product implements a bit of your own personality to make it a space that you can actually love working in for years to come!

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