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Child Desk – Why Do Children Need A Child Desk? Ixaxa Office Furniture

Child Desk – Why Do Children Need A Child Desk?

Child Desk – Why Do Children Need A Child Desk?

“All child experts will tell you: one of the most important ways of encouraging your child’s interest in school is to set up their own study corner. Having a dedicated “learning area”—including a space to write and even their own Child Desk — encourages them to focus on their homework and even enjoy it. Here’s why:

No Distractions

When a child shares a desk or a computer table with other people, other people or the things on the desk can easily distract them. For example, they may sit down at the desk to do research on a report on dinosaurs, but then fiddle with Mommy’s rolodex or discover their brother’s computer games. A dedicated child desk lets you limit distractions. For example, you can ensure the child’s desk is in an area that the television cannot be heard. You can also minimize the clutter on the table, leaving only art or writing supplies and paper. Even if they feel restless and unfocused, there isn’t anything left for them to do but study.

Teaches Neatness And Responsibility

When a child has their own child desk or study table, you can easily monitor whether or not they take care of their things. Did they put away their crayons? Have they kept their papers neatly stored in a folder? You won’t be able to do that if they share the table with somebody else. First of all, they may not have their own space to store their study materials. Second of all, you don’t know who left the clutter (and you can bet the child will always say it wasn’t their fault).

Gives A Sense Of Pride And Ownership

Children like having their own special place, and when they have a child desk they can really call their own, they’re more likely to stay there. Which means they will read more, write more, and just as importantly, take pride in whatever they make when they’re there. They feel responsible for what they’ve done, and they’re darn proud of it. (Here’s a tip: keep the wall next to the child desk empty, or hang a bulletin board, so they can post their recent art works.)

Greater Comfort

When a child uses an adult-sized desk or table and chair when doing homework, they’re forced to slouch forward on the desk, shoulders hunched. Their legs dangle on the very high chairs, or they end up sitting precariously on pillows just so they can reach the screen. Kids give up trying to be comfortable and just try to finish their homework or research as fast as they can. Not exactly the kind of homework habits you want to develop.

This leads to posture problems that can eventually cause fatigue, discomfort, and aches and pains (especially in the neck, shoulder and back area). They won’t be able to concentrate, much less enjoy what they’re doing and be inclined to continue doing it longer than they have to. Computer tables and child desks that are designed especially for children circumvent these problems and make “work” more pleasant. They discover learning is fun—as long as they have the right “support”.

In conclusion, a child desk is an important piece of furniture for the personal development of a child. The study habits, which they learn early in life, will undoubtedly benefit their educational and their eventual professional development for the rest of their life. Though a child desk cannot guarantee a straight ‘A’ student, it is a great place to start.”

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