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Cheap Office Furniture: Best Options On a Budget

Cheap Office Furniture: Best Options On a Budget

Lower prices are often associated with inferior quality products – it is how we have been conditioned as a society to spot quality over quantity. There will always be exceptions to the rules however, and office furniture is no different. Just because you are on a budget, it does not mean you should compromise on the quality of the furnishing you choose to deck your office out with.

We’ve found the best deals on the three major office furniture components – being chairs, desks and storage – to fit any budget needs:


Best Office Furniture Under R 6000.00

Office Desks Under R 6 000.00
Modix Deskhttps://ixaxaoffice.co.za/products/filing/filing-cabinet?product=smart-modular-4-draw-filing-cabinet










  • 1800 x 1600 x 750 – R 5499.00 Inclusive of VAT
  • 1600 x 1600 x 750 – R 4999.00 Inclusive of VAT


Office Chair Under R 6 000.00

WAU Executive Office Chairhttps://ixaxaoffice.co.za/products/office-chairs/ergonomic-office-chairs?product=wau-executive-office-chair












  • 700cm x 650cm x 1290cm

Availability: Immediately – Exclusive to Ixaxa!

R 5 999.00 Inclusive of VAT


Storage Cabinets Under R 6 000.00

Smart Modular 4 Door Filing Cabinet – https://ixaxaoffice.co.za/products/filing/filing-cabinet?product=smart-modular-4-draw-filing-cabinet



smart modular










R 3 076.00 Inclusive of VAT


Best Office Furniture Under R 4000.00

Office Desks Under R 4 000.00

Allan Managerial Deskhttps://ixaxaoffice.co.za/products/office-desks/general-desks?product=allan-managerial-desk











  • 43mm Top with a durable melamine work surface with solid black edging.

R 3 646.00 Inclusive of VAT

Office Chair Under R 4 000.00

Apollo Office Chairhttps://ixaxaoffice.co.za/products/office-chairs/ergonomic-office-chairs?product=apollo-office-chair







  • “The results are amazing. I feel more productive, it provides me with the support that I need in my back”

R 3 499.00 Inclusive of VAT


Storage Cabinets Under R 4 000.00

Smart Modular Cabinet – Swing Doorshttps://ixaxaoffice.co.za/products/filing/filing-cabinet?product=smart-modular-cabinet-swing-doors


smart modular cabinet









R 3 299.00 Inclusive of VAT 


Best Office Furniture Under R 2000.00

Office Desks Under R 2 000.00

Smart Modular Desk (EXLCUDING fixed pedestal)https://ixaxaoffice.co.za/products/office-desks/smart-modular-desking?product=smart-modular-desk-fixed-pedestal

smart modular cabniet









R 1 822.86 Inclusive of VAT.

*This item does NOT include fixed pedestals as displayed in the image.


 Office Chair Under R 2 000.00

dg 7045









R 1 899.00 Inclusive of VAT

Storage Cabinets Under R 2 000.00

Smart modular Cabinet – Sliding Doorshttps://ixaxaoffice.co.za/products/filing/filing-cabinet?product=smart-modular-cabinet-sliding-doors


 smart sliding









R 2 050.00 Inclusive of VAT


Please note the prices quoted herein are subject to change without prior notice. The prices quoted are concurrent with the special running at Ixaxa. We will not be held liable or subject to this pricing guide after the special has concluded.

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