Team members in a meeting in an open plan office.

The Benefits of Using Meeting Rooms

So you’ve recently set up shop, and are starting to look at ways to maximise the space at the office. If you’re a startup, there might not be too many funds in the bank to branch out at this point, so knowing more about how to get the most out of the space will serve as a good learning experience for when you have new investors and expansion is on the horizon. One of the first ways to get the most out of any office space is to carve out space for a meeting room or two. There are many benefits to doing so, which we’ll touch on here today. If you’re keen to explore some furniture options after, don’t be shy about checking out the Ixaxa catalogue as a good starting point. 

Privacy For Pitch Meetings

Meeting rooms are great because they give you privacy for pitch meetings involving potential new clients. Nothing screams unprofessional like doing a pitch meeting in an open plan office, while you can hear the sales department on the phone to someone else. A meeting room offers a quiet, dedicated space to make the potential new client feel like royalty, and to instill confidence in them that your team is the right choice, even if they are meeting with a bunch of different potential options.

A Safe Space To Speak Freely

Pitch meetings aside, a meeting room is a great space to allow members of the team to speak freely about matters related to your product or service, or just in terms of HR queries or concerns. By having a safe space for them to communicate their needs without having to worry about retribution, an open and honest office culture is encouraged, and everybody benefits at the end of the day. Companies that don’t have dedicated spaces for private meetings don’t often have particularly fulfilled employees who feel like their voice matters, and that their opinions are valid. 

A team in a meeting, using a meeting room.

Less Disruptions, Especially In An Open Plan Office

If productivity is the name of the game, a meeting room is the way you’re going to get there. Open plan offices are all the rage these days, mostly because companies don’t like to spend excessive amounts of money on office spaces that inflate monthly overheads. Privacy is a problem as a result, and with it comes more disruptions, especially if you have multiple departments working in the same space. If you would like the team to remain focused all times, and to minimise disruptions altogether, carving out a formal meeting room is the way to go. 

A Designated Space For Creative Brainstorming

Creativity is the lifeblood of many innovative companies, whether they sell products or services to niche audiences or the mass market. A meeting room can double up as a space for creative brainstorming sessions away from the hustle and bustle of the main office. This can lead to ideas that might end up transforming the business overnight. Nobody should be expected to be creative in an environment where they can’t hear themselves think, let alone speak. A meeting room will change all of this, and perhaps the business will be fast tracked to new heights because of an idea that started right from even the smallest of meeting rooms imaginable.

Happy team in an open plan office

The Best Ways To Reduce Echo In Your Office

A lingering echo in the office might be a sign that there is too much bare space in the room. The fact that the space doesn’t have a lot in it is not necessarily a bad thing, but it may give the space a clinical feeling. If you’re trying to create an inviting company culture, this might be a challenge to overcome if you would like the team to feel more comfortable during their workday. The pandemic has also meant that more people are on conference calls than ever before, and echoes (whether through the software or the physical space) can be a great distraction during any meeting. The following tips should help to reduce echo in the office, in order to create a friendly, productive environment for everyone. 

Start With Soft Curtains, Cushions and Blankets

Check the curtains, cushions and blankets in the office. If you can’t find any, it might be an indicator as to why the space feels a little bit like a hospital waiting room. Always make sure to use soft curtains, rather than blinds, as these will absorb the sound better. Cushions and blankets might not be an office staple so to speak, but if you have a rec room and are wanting to encourage the team to feel a little more at home at the office, these will definitely go a long way. They also absorb noise well, which will reduce the echo in the office as a whole. 

Fluffy Carpeting Might Help

Next up, check the carpet. If the office is tiled, it’s going to be a lot harder for noise to be absorbed as a whole. Fluffy carpeting might require more maintenance in terms of cleaning, but it can be a great way to reduce noise as a whole. If you’re not able to get new carpets installed right away, consider adding more rugs to the area, to help with absorbing any echo in the meantime. As a rule, the softer you can go, the more likely you are going to stop the sound from traveling from department to department. 

Common office stationary

Fill Up The Bookshelves & Open Tabletops

Another great tip to keep in mind is to ensure that any bookshelves are well stocked, and that open tabletops have items on then. Adding more books to the office will not only give the space a professional feel, but will also encourage the team to learn more. Tabletops shouldn’t be cluttered, but perhaps there are surfaces that look a little more bare than they need to. Add some office plants to these spaces, or simply reshuffle some of the existing items in the surrounding areas to spread the noise absorption out a little better. 

Consider Acoustic Foam or Fabric Panels

If noise is a serious problem and people are complaining about it, it may be best to consider acoustic foam or fabric panels for key areas in the office. These are especially useful if you’d like to soundproof an area, or create more private space in the office. Although it might be a little bit of an expensive undertaking, it will be well worth it in the long run. If you need some more advice on how to reduce noise and echo in the office, reach out to the Ixaxa Office Furniture team for some extra help today.

The Trendiest Office Furniture from 2019

The Trendiest Office Furniture from 2019

With 2020 right around the corner, it’s a great time to take a look at some of the furniture trends that took this year by storm, paving the way for the new year and giving us a sense as to which trends may continue to build momentum as we enter the twenties. While there is a general push to go more minimalistically in terms of office space furnishings, especially with companies needing to make provision for the maximisation of smaller spaces than compared to previous decades, there are a few key trends that have popped up, that look like they may be here to stay, which we’re happy to explore with you today. 

A Marriage of the Old and New

Many furniture designers are finding ways to marry the “old with the new” so to speak, looking at incorporating some of the more classic elements of design with textures (natural or manmade) that are rising in prominence. A lot of companies are moving away from traditional furniture choices, which may have also paved the way for the rise in abstract design. Similarly, companies are going more abstract not only in terms of the architecture of the office space, but in terms of the furniture they are selecting as well. The challenge is to merge the old and the new, while not going too abstract and creating something impractical in the process. It’s a fine balance, which many companies are paying close attention to and refining gradually.

Sustainability As The New Normal

It’s no secret that sustainability is hot on the minds of most businesses around the world, with 2019 seeing an increase in corporate pushes towards creating more organic, natural, environmentally friendly product parts as a whole. The same can be said for the furniture industry, which has come under some scrutiny in recent years for the heavy use of plastic and the lack of recyclability of many popular units worldwide. That’s all in the process of changing, and new designs are geared in the direction of longer term sustainability, which may also account for the fact that a lot of furniture is being made of a lot less materials than in the past. In turn, this adds to the minimalistic trend, which we believe will be prominent for years to come.

Smart Furniture

Whether it comes to desks, chairs or storage space, there is an increasing rise in smart furniture, which is geared towards the combination of practical space (doing more with less) with the rapid development of technology. A lot of companies are incorporating A.I into their business models, and in terms of efficiency building with staff, and creating the most productive workspace possible. Managing directors everywhere are being forced to consider how technology can enhance employee output, even in something as fundamental as an office chair. Are you thinking about how technology can make your life easier and benefit the bottom line of the company? You should be.

Where Trendy Meets Practicality

Ixaxa Office Furniture, which is based in Johannesburg, has a core focus around keeping up with industry trends at all times. Their furniture designs are not only modern, but there is also a general push towards greater sustainability of their products, even in terms of their own office space. While South Africa is generally a little slower on the uptake than the rest of the world when it comes to incorporating technology into design, Ixaxa is at the forefront of this, and they would be happy to chat you through any ideas you may have based on the individual needs of your business.

Deciding Between Plain vs. Colourful Office Furniture

Deciding Between Plain vs. Colourful Office Furniture

When we hear stories from our grandparents about the “ant like” office spaces they used to work in, filled with cubicles and a somewhat dreary sense of monotone colours, it doesn’t exactly feel relatable to modern times. When deciding to decorate an office in 2019, it’s important to consider (and be thankful for) the fact that there are a lot more choices these days, not only thanks to an increase in small businesses and general competition, but also because as a whole, people are a little braver and willing to experiment with colour these days more so than they may have been in the past. There are benefits to going more “plain” as well, depending on the company culture and the brand aesthetic, so it’s important to weigh up both and to address the needs of your company, before making a decision on a specific layout for the office.  

The Benefits of Plain Furniture

Plain furniture, which doesn’t come with too many bells and whistles and tend to arrive in more traditional colours, will certainly add a touch of class and professionalism to the office. You don’t necessarily need to go monotone when deciding to opt for the “plain” look, and it can be important to play with colours here in a similar spectrum to the overall space design to steer clear form going too corporate, especially if you’re a startup. With plain furniture it is a lot easier to add to a neutral colour, rather than having to buy new items (especially those involving technology), which may come in a range of colours that simply don’t match with the feel and tone of the brand.

Why Colourful Furniture Makes Sense

On the other hand, colourful furniture, which may be harder to source initially when designing a bigger space, does tend to add a sense of character to the office right off the bat. Different colours can make a big difference to company culture, and if you’re a startup brand looking to crack into the market, and make a good impression on clients and investors, colour may just be the avenue you can use to add that extra “wow factor” to your initial meetings. Colourful furniture does tend to need an extra eye (preferably that of an actual interior designer) and it is important to consider that some colours have a psychological effect on people as well. If you’re finding that people are arguing a lot in the office, consider changing the bright red chairs you thought may be a good idea a month ago.

Deciding What Works For You

Regardless of whether you choose between plain or colorful furniture, and regardless of the aesthetic of your office, it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons specific not only to your business and its needs, but also those of the team itself. Consider a company poll before making any design changes to the office (nobody likes to be surprised by change, so it’s also an easy way to give the team a heads up that you’re considering a few changes). By including more people, you’re not only getting a more rounded opinion, but also encouraging sharing of ideas and opening up the field to a range of different voices. At the end of the day, the decision rests with you, but it always helps to have a few extra opinions, especially if it’s a popular opinion and regardless of whether it goes against your initial thoughts on the matter. Do what works best for your business and watch it flourish as a result.

Where To Find The Best Furniture

Ixaxa Office Furniture is a great company to consider whether you’re looking for plain or colourful office furniture. Their furniture is not only stylish, well crafted and designed with ergonomics in mind, but they’re also known for taking a couple of risks when it comes to design as well. So if you’re looking for a traditional solution, or something a little more “out there”, it’s worth giving them a call, as you shop around for quotes, and ultimately work to create a space of safety and comfort for your employees.

Buying Second Hand Office Furniture – What You Need To Consider

Buying Second Hand Office Furniture – What You Need To Consider

“Setting up an office for your new business venture is a project that comes with its infinite set of challenges. Even if you are redesigning an office from scratch, it is worth bearing in mind that there are lots of factors that come into play, such as purchasing second hand office furniture.

Did you know that the type of furniture you procure will not only affect the comprehensive outlook of your workplace, but also the productivity of your employees? Well, now you know.

Once you are certain about the location, the next obvious step should be sourcing for the perfect office furniture that reflects your business’ image. Fortunately, starting from scratch need not be a bank breaking affair if armed with the right tips.

Why Choose Second Hand Office Furniture?

There is always the option of going for quality used office furniture – the paramount tip to ultimately save you enormous amounts of change when it’s all said and done. Moreover, investing in second hand office furniture is a solid way of preserving the environment as you’ll be recycling a product.

In a nutshell, it doesn’t really matter whether you are switching locations, expanding or starting from scratch; investing in used office furniture is certainly in your best interest. While at it, here are some tips and pointers.

What to Consider When Buying Second Hand Office Furniture

1. Get A First-Hand Look At Your Second-Hand Office Furniture

In this day and age when online buying is a fad, it can be quite tempting to make a judgement solely from what you see on your computer screen – a huge mistake. It is always advisable to create some time for viewing, touching and proper inspection of the furniture before parting with your hard-earned quid.

2. Stick To A Budget

While investing in second hand office furniture serves as the less expensive option, racking up a hefty bill while at it can’t be overruled. It is always wise to start by asking yourself how much you are willing to spend on the project, prior to jotting down a detailed budget and sticking to it. Any shopping spree provides a chance for impulse buying, meaning it is really easy to go in over your head.

3. Consult An Interior Designer

Seeking help from an experienced “friend” before signing up for anything doesn’t hurt. Sure, it is your choice to make at the end of the day, but an expert can be of great help; more so in helping you decide the comprehensive style and types of furniture to consider.

If possible, take advantage of the free consultation offered by most professionals in the niche. You never know what great ideas you had missed out on.

4. Spacing The Furniture

When it’s all said and done, the amount of space available in your office is the one aspect that ultimately determines the furniture to invest in. For instance, larger co-sharing desks can prove to be ideal for offices with limited spaces. Conversely, large open plan spaces provide an opportunity to play around with ideas as well as more flexibility. In a nutshell, always make a decision based on the amount of space available when it comes to buying used office furniture.

5. Comfort

As stated earlier, the type of furniture you invest in can significantly influence employee productivity. It therefore goes without saying that for your employees to be productive, they need comfortable chairs, tables and desks. While the aesthetics of second hand office furniture play a lead role as well, your primary concern should be comfort. Besides, what’s the point of having appealing furniture that nobody wants to sit on? Think about it.

6. Aesthetics

Speaking of aesthetics, you obviously want appealing furniture to impress your clients at first glance. Not to contradict the aforementioned tip, but style is just as essential as comfort when it comes to office furniture.

Generally speaking, bold colours and complementing aesthetics create an ideal vibe to sum up for conducive working environments. Coordinate your colours and work with a specific theme of used office furniture to create a calm setting.

7. The Desks And Chairs

Employees spend most of their time behind office desks, sitting on ergonomic chairs while busy working. With this in mind, it would be in your best interest to find suitable second hand office furniture that enhances comfort as the paramount priority. This simply means finding a large, functional desk with enough leg room and a complementing, adjustable office chair while at it.

8. Privacy

Most people work best in secluded, quiet environments and if you are like most; privacy is likely a paramount priority at the workplace. To enhance the productivity of your employees, going for used, sound-proof office dividers can serve as your safest bet.

9. Storage

Every employee has some personal clutter – a framed photo of beloved family perhaps, or an autographed baseball and even both in some cases. This combined with office filing systems and records make it highly likely to be overrun by clutter if not careful. When choosing second hand office furniture, it is always advisable to go for fixtures with enough storage space – more so in regard to the desks.

10. Getting A Second Opinion

If you are in the market for used office furniture, getting a friend to tag along is highly advisable. Try showing someone other than yourself of course, the furniture you intend to buy and hear what he/she has to say about them. You never know the ideas you may get thereafter.

11. Buy From A Reputable Seller

As a rule of thumb, the quality of used office furniture depends on where exactly you shop. In short, established and reputable second hand dealers will always have great furniture to show. Moreover, there are after-purchase services to look forward to – free delivery perhaps?

The long and short of it is, value should serve as your main driving force. What exactly are you getting in return for your used office furniture? Do you simply fancy a bargain, or are you after quality? With the above tips, you should easily find the perfect office furniture for you, whether that be second hand office furniture.”

Why not get in touch with us by clicking here? We’re ready to help you choose brand new furniture that will fit your needs and your budget perfectly!

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Back pain Issues – Alleviate Back pain Issues With These Tips

Back pain Issues – Alleviate Back pain Issues With These Tips

“More and more employees nowadays choose to work from the comfort of an office. Although this type of job has the advantage of being pretty much without risks, there are certain health problems that you can develop due to one. If your tasks involve heavy computer usage, then your eyesight might be damaged in the long run. However, the number one most common affliction in this field is back pain.

What To Do

Although benefiting from traditional healthcare entails always being looked after from a medical point of view, at the end of the day you are the guardian of your own well-being. This is why staying safe on the job is your responsibility as well, not only that of your employer. But what dangers could someone who spends their day in an office face?

Statistics show that as much as 80% of the world’s population has experienced or will experience this affliction at some point in their lives. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to preserve your health as well as possible under these circumstances. Here are some tips on how employees can alleviate back pain issues.

  1. Plenty Of Short Breaks

When you’re sitting down all day long, the best option is to take shorter breaks more often. In fact, the recommended amount should be a 5-minute pause for every hour you work. Just make sure that you are abiding by the working time regulations stipulated in your contract.

If you’re one to eat lunch at their desk daily instead of taking your one-hour break to go somewhere, then this becomes even more essential. Long breaks taken more seldom are detrimental in the long run, so make sure you’re allowing your spine the right amount of recovery.

  1. At-Desk Exercises

Tensed muscles represent the number one cause of lumbar pain in the office. And the more time you spend at your desk, the worse it will feel over time. Fortunately, you don’t have to go out of your way to unwind. You can perform some simple exercises while maintaining a steady workflow.

Rocking your pelvis back and forth while tilting your hips is the easiest and most suitable mini-workout for this situation. This will loosen the area and alleviate some of the discomforts you’re feeling. However, for long-term benefits, you will need proper support. And speaking of which, the next thing you should request is…

  1. Proper Furniture

Having a high-quality chair with proper lumbar support and adjustable settings makes all the difference in the world when you spend at least eight hours a day seated at a desk. If you work from home, the situation becomes a bit easier for you. Simply save up some money and invest in proper furniture once you’ve raised enough.

  1. Correct Posture

Last, but certainly not least, posture is a vital aspect of spine health. There are many factors which go into proper office ergonomics. Your chair should be adjusted at such a height so that the knees are at level with the hips or at least close by. Furthermore, you need to make sure that you’re keeping your wrists straight and below elbow level.

Additional lumbar support that maintains your natural curve is also important. This helps distribute your weight properly along the sitting bones, which will save you a lot of trouble in the future health-wise. And if you have a footrest available, make sure your feet are laying flat on it.


To prevent and even overcome back pain at the office, you first need to ration your breaks wisely. Taking shorter breaks more often is the best way to allow your body to relax and relieve some of the pent-up muscle tension. And if the discomfort persists, there are always small at-desk physical exercises you can do every now and then.

Maintaining a correct sitting posture should be on your mind always. By keeping your bones aligned correctly, your weight is distributed equally across, which in turn helps you stay healthy for longer. But to support the natural curve of your spine, additional lumbar cushioning is certainly a plus. This is where proper furniture comes into play.”

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Functional Office Furniture Fit – Tips On Measuring Your Office

Functional Office Furniture Fit – Tips On Measuring Your Office

“Getting a new office space is an exciting and new thing! While exploring all the furniture options to make your dream office come to life, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. You want to make sure the furniture you’re selecting will properly fit without overcrowding, or simply not fitting in your office space. Not only is it important to make sure the size of the furniture fits in your office, but it is just as significant to consider that the furniture you are selecting will be functional for your space. You can make affirm your furniture acts as both a comfort and sufficient storage space by measuring your room correctly. Below are five tips to assure you are considering all aspects when it comes to measuring your office for a functional fit.

1. Measuring Your Office: Make Room for Movement

Furniture that “perfectly” fits in your office may not be the perfect match. You have to consider that you and possibly others will be making room in this new office space. Would you like to shimmy awkwardly around a desk or storage cabinet? Probably not. So, when you are measuring your office before a furniture purchase, make sure that you’re also leaving yourself some leeway. You want to be able to move around your office without injuring yourself or manoeuvring in frustration. Your office should be a place that brings you to a state of focus and motivation, therefore the furniture you select will make all the difference.

2. Make Room for Guests

If your office is going to be home to guests, you also have to factor that in when measuring your room for a functional fit. Do you have room for extra office furniture that can accommodate them? Do they have enough room to move around if need be? If your job requires you to frequently meet with clients and other guests in your office, make sure that you’re considering that as you measure your room for furniture. You want your office space to be impressionable and comfortable when clients visit your office. Also, think how many people you may need to accommodate in your office on a regular basis. Depending on the amount, you can then determine the number of desks, chairs, storage space you would need for each individual person.

3. Have Space to Work

Draught down a list of daily tasks you would like to accomplish at your office. If your job requires you to have a lot of space to draw and design, you may need to consider a desk that’s longer with more surface space. If your job is tailored around lots of paperwork and bookkeeping, you may need to consider a desk that has storage space with shelving and drawers. This same consideration can be made for not only yourself but others that will be working inside this office. With that in mind, you can purchase different desks for other employees different than your own in order to create optimal space within the office. When you have configured the perfect desk for each member of the office, you can then measure how each desk would best fit within the room.

4. Find the Proper Storage Solutions

Desks are the primary focus when it comes to your workspace, although it is not the only factor to consider. It is also important to decide what you will do for storage space that will compliment your office space. You’ll want to maximize storage potential without having to worry about drawers getting in your way during the workday. We’ll help you find the right office furniture solutions.

5. Measure Entryways and Look for Obstacles

Examine the obstacles that you might come across your office space. Things like entryways, doorways, and outlets are factors that need to be determined when selecting furniture. Not every obstacle has to be a deal breaker, you can still find ways to fit your furniture based on what is presented to you. You can take advantage of oddly shaped corners or entryways for unique storage spaces.”

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Convincing Your Boss To Get A Standing Desk At Work

Convincing Your Boss To Get A Standing Desk At Work

“So, you Want a Standing Desk? If you’re anything like me, you’ve recognized that standing desks are becoming more and more popular in the workplace. You caught on and you’ve told your boss that it would be nice to have one, but when you did ask, it fell flat on its face because it wasn’t enough of a reason to get you one by simply saying you wanted one. Sigh.

But, maybe, like me, your approach was all wrong. You didn’t provide your boss with the benefits of them investing in one for you, nor options.

The benefits of standing desks have been a hot topic for a while. Many people believe that there are health benefits to standing periodically throughout the day. Another popular reason is that some people are fidgeters and a sit to stand desk gives them the option to break up their workday from just sitting, to having the option to periodically stand throughout the day.

Whatever your reason is for wanting a new desk, there are three things you need to do when trying to convince your boss to buy you a standing desk:

Emphasize the Benefits

Highlighting the benefits of a standing desk is essential. After all, it is a big investment for businesses and they’ll likely want to know why you should have one. Below are some things to highlight:

  • Increased productivity by having the option to sit or stand (less being fussy and fidgeting or leaving your desk)

  • Increased blood flow – the more you move, the more your blood flows, which is good for your health.

  • Overall, it can be a cost saving and worthwhile investment in the happiness of your employee

Provide a Few Options

If you’re going to pitch getting a standing desk, or any new desk for that matter, you should provide a few alternatives and varying price points for the simple reason that if they can’t afford to buy you option A or B, but they can swing option C, then you just got a new desk! When doing so, approach them with a good, better, and best option.

Make it Easy for Them

Other than providing a few options, you can also take it a step further and offer to do all of the legwork for your boss by purchasing the standing desk for them and sending them the invoice. This way you’re showing that you value their time and are limiting the extra work for them to purchase the furniture by taking care of it for them.”

Ixaxa does not offer Standing Desks but we have a wide range of office desks to choose from! To order your new office desk, click here!

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Should You Use a Manufacturer Or Importer For Your Office Equipment?

Should You Use a Manufacturer Or Importer For Your Office Equipment?

Buying quality office furniture at competitive prices requires some homework on the buyer’s part. A quick Google search used to point us in the right direction for well-known office furniture suppliers, but with so much competition it is hard to find the truly best price possible.

Generally speaking, though, is it better to buy from a manufacturer of office furniture, or a retailer who imports their furniture? There are always pros and cons to any possible scenario, so we’ve weighed them up below:

Office Furniture Manufacturers

The possible biggest benefit of buying your office equipment from an office furniture manufacturer is that you are supporting locally-made goods, and thus proudly South African goods.

Another great benefit of buying from a manufacturer is that you should be able to fully customise your furniture order to suit your style, your space and your needs. That being said, there are some major pitfalls when choosing to support locally made office furniture.

If the supplier is new, or has not had a long-standing history of product quality, it’s hard to determine if your office furniture is going to be able to stand the test of time. It may be a good idea to try find other customers, or at least some online reviews pertaining to the manufacturers furniture, and see if it would be a wise investment or not.

If the manufacturer is small, they may not be able to offer you as expansive a range as a larger supplier or importer might; this may inadvertently drive up the price of your furniture – something you may want to consider whilst on a budget.

However – if the manufacturer is in good standing, has a reputable name and can offer warranties or guarantee on their work – opting to “:look local” is an excellent choice – especially for lover of customised furniture.


Office Furniture Importers

Imported office furniture is sourced globally from some of the finest and most well-known brands. There is often an unspoken rule that imported office furniture carries a lower price as opposed to locally manufactured furniture – for a couple of  reasons; imported furniture requires no on-site set-up or work, and there is typically no middle man involved in the buying process from seller to importing. When a retailer doesn’t have to cover those types of overheads, they can easily pass the saving along to you in the form of a cheaper piece of furniture.

In terms of customisation – it may take a little longer to have customised items delivered to you (for obvious reasons) – but these customised items would generally be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Fully customised pieces that the manufacturer does not normally commission may be hard to find, and will likely carry a higher cost – so if this is an area of concern to you – you may want to opt for manufacturers over importers.

What are the biggest benefits of imported furniture? Possibly the biggest benefit is the double mark of quality. Locally manufactured goods only need to undergo a single safety-standard test, while importers are typically required to undergo testing in their country of origin, as well as the country of export.*

Because imported furniture is usually bought from large suppliers, you are safe in knowing that you are not being taken advantage of by an unethical supplier.

In short, if you prefer to have fully customised furniture– it might be best to choose a local manufacturer who can make your furniture just the way you want. Remember though, that they also have limitations. You won’t be able to commission a fully customised ergonomic chair from a supplier who specialised in wooden tables, so some shopping around may be necessary.

However if you enjoy the freedom of being able to tweak an existing deign to have it customised to your liking, you don’t want to spend a fortune on name brand items that have exceptional generic options, and you want the peace of mind of buying from a known supplier, it might be worth your while to seek an office furniture importer.

Want a quote on imported furniture? Click here to get in touch with us today!


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Modern Office Furniture – Layout Trends For Modern Office Furniture

Modern Office Furniture – Layout Trends For Modern Office Furniture

“An office can never be complete without it’s office furniture essex. Not just any ordinary furniture, but it ought to be modern and stylish. Modern and stylish furniture will make your office lively, and ensure your clients feel they are in the right environment.

Creating a good impression on your customers is vital for any business to succeed. Currently, office users are embracing modern trends rapidly. Mainly due to the introduction of computers that replaced the bulk use of files, paperwork, and stationery.

Other than adding up style, the right office furniture will ensure productivity in your office. With the range of modern and affordable office chairs in the market today, including ergonomic chairs, you will not only be provided with comfort, but will enhance your productivity.

You too should try out modern layout trends to ensure that the office environment is pleasant and its occupants work efficiently. The office is where you spend most of your time during the week, therefore you should take the initiative to make it a better place. Quality office furniture is key to making your office more productive.

Modern Office Furniture Essex And Layout Trends

Have you ever been to a stylish office that you didn’t want to leave? Agencies are adopting the use of excellent and beautiful designs. You too can transform your office into a palace just by choosing the right furniture.

1. Use Of Collaboration Workstations

This involves the use of one desk and several chairs. We highly recommend the use of ergonomic chairs, which provide so much comfort for the user. For instance; four or five users can share one desk. The sole purpose of this layout is to enable a certain number of people to share one desk. It works conveniently for an office with little floor space.

2. Use Of Digital Storage

Often, offices will steer away from physical storage facilities, and towards digital storage. All the files and folders on your desk could be saved in soft copy format on your computers. It will be so inconvenient for you to use up most of your office space to store files physically, and it will take so much time for you to search for the files too.

Digital storage will enable you to access files quickly on the computer, plus you will have more office space to keep your office furniture, such as chairs and desks. Due to the advancements in computing such as the internet, you can also use cloud technology to store your files online.

3. Use Of Colour In Offices

Days where offices were painted plain white have gone. Instead, now you should try out the use of bright colours on office walls. This makes the office lively and more appealing. Ultimately, you can opt for colours that match your logo. The blending of colours in your office is equally important. You should coordinate the colour of your walls and office furniture, but you should be careful so that you don’t colour clash. The colours should blend easily. Our team can provide you with a set of ergonomic chairs and office desks that can match the colour in your office. As a matter of fact, an attractive office appearance boosts your relationship with the client.

4. Use Of Open Floor Plans

The use of public offices are very convenient because they utilise office space. In fact, they’re very efficient because you can monitor each and every person in the office. Plus, you enable easy sharing of office furniture.

Others are also embracing the use of glass in partitioning offices; this will still retain the open floor plan. This type of office arrangement is highly beneficial since privacy tends to increase laxity.

5. Adopting Use Of Standing Desks

Standing desks are mostly convenient for serving purposes that should be accessed by different users for a short while.

They aid in the utilisation of floor space, and some users find it more productive to work while standing.

6. Brand Your Furniture To Create More Awareness About Your Company

Every company or business entity aims to make itself known to the general public. Currently, some companies are branding their products through customised office furniture. That is, they write their logo or slogan on the office furniture, such as on the office desks or behind chairs.

This in return will help brand your company because when a client walks in, they will identify who you are and what service you can offer them.

7. Create A Workstation For Laptop Users

The desks and ergonomic chairs are mainly for users of desktop computers. It will be more efficient if you provide your workers with an area to use their laptops comfortably.

Laptops are portable; therefore, a beautiful and comfy couch or seat would do just the trick. It will benefit you by reducing congestion on office desks. Workers will no longer have to squeeze themselves around office desks.

8. Including Fitness Centres In Offices

Irrespective of the love you have for your job, staying in the office for long hours is quite tiresome. It’s why we recommend you introduce a fitness centre. It will greatly help in blowing off some steam. Plus, your workers will be able to refresh themselves. It will guarantee that you will remain healthy and therefore more productive.

9. Add Natural Elements To The Office

It’s quite an upcoming trend in offices, where you will find plants and flowers on office desks or alongside other furniture. It helps in beautifying the office environment, plus it also gives the office a casual look. Workers will work more efficiently in a fresh and relaxed environment.

10. Eliminating Wires And Organising Office Desks

You should have office desks that provide passage of wires below them. You should organise your office so that it looks neat and presentable. You should also train your workers to arrange paperwork and personal items on the desks so that it appears neat as well as the wires.

These are just among the few trends which office users are embracing. Some have even taken an extra step by introducing a kitchen area to ensure the clients don’t work on an empty stomach.

We advise you try out a different layout for your office and office furniture. Not only will it help to attract your customers, but it will also ensure that the workers are comfortable, which will result in giving them the motivation to come to work on a daily basis. You should also try out ergonomic chairs that are healthier and comfortable. A happy worker is more likely to be more productive.”

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