The Best Work from Home Furniture:

What To Invest In First

Working from home these days? You’re not alone. The pandemic has changed the lives of so many people around South Africa and the world, and a lot of employees and business owners have had to make serious changes to their work routines as a result. If you’re one of the many people who is now working remotely on a full-time basis, you might have noticed that using the kitchen table as a desk is not a long-term solution. 2021 is a good year to invest in the right furniture for you to be your productive self, and we’re here to help make sure you spend your hard-earned cash on the right things right from the get-go. 

The New Normal: Work From Home Furniture

“Work from home furniture” is not exactly something that was a trending Google search for many people before March of 2020. Typically, this type of work was reserved for self-employed people, CEO’s or entrepreneurs. All of that has changed in the last twelve months, and the “new normal” now includes a workforce that spends a lot of time doubling up on home time and carving out hours spent in the same location to get to everything on their to-do list. If you’re in this position, the first two things you should think about buying is a decent office desk, and a chair. 

Start With A Good Desk

Your deskspace is the cornerstone of your work life, and for many businesses, the foundation of productivity across a workday. While buying a desk may seem like an easy thing to do, because it can be an expensive investment you will use for years (if not decades), you should make sure that it meets all your needs. If you’re in a creative field, and need space to brainstorm or sketch, it’s better to go bigger. If you’re starting up your side hustle and just need laptop space, there are smaller options that can help. Start by writing down everything you need to get to your essentials, and because the desk will be at home, think about other activities you might also want space for after hours.

Then, Move To An Office Chair

Once you have your sights set on a desk, it’s time to move on to buying a great chair. Under no circumstances will a dining room chair with little to no back support ever be good enough for your health in the long-term. It may have been a good idea as a short-term fix when the pandemic hit, but we’re in it for the long haul now. Consider a range of different chairs, and if you can pay up for an ergonomic chair with great back support (and a good warranty), you’ll always be in good company. Better yet, you might not have as many chiropractor bills to content with later on in life!

Lastly, Create An Inviting Space

Buying WFH furniture shouldn’t only involve the practical things you need. The idea is to get the essentials, and then to work on making the space as inviting as possible. This can be done by buying a nice lamp for the desk, investing in good headphones and/or speakers, or even considering a coffee maker for home. A great work from home experience starts with meeting your own needs, and making sure you’re doing what you can to reach your full productive potential across a given day. That counts even for the days when the dog won’t stop pestering for a walk at all hours. Remember that you’re doing great considering the circumstances, and we wish you many good work from home days in future. 

Home Office Space – Create The Ultimate Home Office Space

Home Office Space – Create The Ultimate Home Office Space

“Within the past few years, it has been clear that working remotely has been on the rise. It is extremely beneficial to those individuals who can have a separate space in their home to accommodate this work lifestyle. However, there are some individuals that find themselves restricted on space which can pose a challenge to fit in everything you need for work. Thankfully, workspaces are becoming more and more compact. Here are some handy tips for setting up no matter the size of your home office:

  • Think of the essentials. Before listing everything you want for your office, do a reality check about what you really need.

  • Do an inventory. Find out what work materials you already have, even office furniture.

  • Do a thorough spring cleaning. Get rid of the excess junk and electronically file any important documents. You want to start with a clear and organized work space.

  • Capitalize on the existing layout. If you are tight on space, think of a spot in your existing home that hardly gets used. That odd corner of the family room may be all you need.

  • Create a floor plan. Think of the best possible layout of your new office that gives you an optimal work environment.

  • Out with the old and in with the new. Donate furniture that no longer suits your needs and replace with new items that will better fit your new space.

What Does Your Home Office Need?

Putting it all together is the exciting part. The following are some items that are common in many home offices.

  • Desk

  • Chair

  • Lamp

  • Filing Cabinet

  • Artwork

The goal is to make sure your home stays a home while still meeting the objectives of your business. You want to be comfortable there whether you are working or not.

Need help putting together your ultimate home office? Get in touch with us today to help you!

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