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The Best Direct To Customer Furniture Manufacturers in South Africa

Some of the best office furniture suppliers in the country are known for having their products stocked at large chains all over the country. These anonymous suppliers are often used by the chain to shift blame if anything goes wrong with a piece, and typically the store will charge exorbitant markups that make them too expensive for the average new business. Luckily, South Africa is also home to some of the best direct to customer furniture manufacturers on the continent, each of which leaves out the middleman and sells products at often far more affordable rates. If you’re on the market for new office furniture, the following suppliers are the best to consider.  

The Power of a Versatile Supplier

In 2021, it’s never been more important to work with versatile suppliers who are sensitive to the needs of your office space. Considering the major shifts in the way we live and work as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever to feel secure in the suppliers you work with, ranging from those that provide office furniture all the way through to other services that help the business to reach its full potential. When it comes to affordable modern office furniture that is designed with technological innovation in mind, the following suppliers tick all the boxes and more. 

Ixaxa Office Furniture

Ixaxa Office Furniture is top of the list when it comes to the best direct to customer furniture manufacturers in South Africa. Their motto has always been to skip any kind of middlemen, and to source the highest quality stock directly from the importer. One of the ways that they retain such a large client base is by offering a 48 hour delivery time on all items that are in stock at their various warehouses. Heading into their second decade of operations, the company continues to push the boundaries on innovative furniture designs, and always makes sure that their customers are taken care of as a top priority. 

Office worker using modern office furniture.


Coricraft is renowned for their high-end furniture that typically ends up in suburban homes around the country. More recently, their custom-made furniture options have been creeping into more office spaces, giving recreational areas a homely feel without having to do too much else in terms of interior design. We love that they offer modern and classic styles of furniture, and with over fifty stores around the country, as well as accepting private orders direct to the customer or business, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for across their vast and immaculate catalogue, which is regularly updated to match the needs of their customers. 


Ukhuni specialises in workplace solutions in the Johannesburg area, and their team goes above and beyond to help customers to get the most out of their office spaces, no matter how big or small the space might be. They provide furniture that doesn’t only look good, but also helps to maximise users to perform at optimal productive capacity. The creativity they try and insight in their customers shines through in the various designs they sell. Their team is always happy to head out to potential customers wherever they are, or to welcome them to their extraordinary showroom, which highlights the quality of their products in more ways than is possible to see online.

Team members in a meeting in an open plan office.

The Benefits of Using Meeting Rooms

So you’ve recently set up shop, and are starting to look at ways to maximise the space at the office. If you’re a startup, there might not be too many funds in the bank to branch out at this point, so knowing more about how to get the most out of the space will serve as a good learning experience for when you have new investors and expansion is on the horizon. One of the first ways to get the most out of any office space is to carve out space for a meeting room or two. There are many benefits to doing so, which we’ll touch on here today. If you’re keen to explore some furniture options after, don’t be shy about checking out the Ixaxa catalogue as a good starting point. 

Privacy For Pitch Meetings

Meeting rooms are great because they give you privacy for pitch meetings involving potential new clients. Nothing screams unprofessional like doing a pitch meeting in an open plan office, while you can hear the sales department on the phone to someone else. A meeting room offers a quiet, dedicated space to make the potential new client feel like royalty, and to instill confidence in them that your team is the right choice, even if they are meeting with a bunch of different potential options.

A Safe Space To Speak Freely

Pitch meetings aside, a meeting room is a great space to allow members of the team to speak freely about matters related to your product or service, or just in terms of HR queries or concerns. By having a safe space for them to communicate their needs without having to worry about retribution, an open and honest office culture is encouraged, and everybody benefits at the end of the day. Companies that don’t have dedicated spaces for private meetings don’t often have particularly fulfilled employees who feel like their voice matters, and that their opinions are valid. 

A team in a meeting, using a meeting room.

Less Disruptions, Especially In An Open Plan Office

If productivity is the name of the game, a meeting room is the way you’re going to get there. Open plan offices are all the rage these days, mostly because companies don’t like to spend excessive amounts of money on office spaces that inflate monthly overheads. Privacy is a problem as a result, and with it comes more disruptions, especially if you have multiple departments working in the same space. If you would like the team to remain focused all times, and to minimise disruptions altogether, carving out a formal meeting room is the way to go. 

A Designated Space For Creative Brainstorming

Creativity is the lifeblood of many innovative companies, whether they sell products or services to niche audiences or the mass market. A meeting room can double up as a space for creative brainstorming sessions away from the hustle and bustle of the main office. This can lead to ideas that might end up transforming the business overnight. Nobody should be expected to be creative in an environment where they can’t hear themselves think, let alone speak. A meeting room will change all of this, and perhaps the business will be fast tracked to new heights because of an idea that started right from even the smallest of meeting rooms imaginable.

Contemporary office furniture layout.

The Advantages of Contemporary Office Furniture

When it comes to buying office furniture in 2021, you always want to make sure that you’re going to get the best bang for your back. Furniture should be able to do more than just the single purpose they used to be sold for, and in a fast-paced, changing work landscape it’s never been more important to consider how contemporary office furniture can help create a happy working environment for all the members of the team. There are many advantages of choosing modern furniture for your office setup, each of which we will touch on here today. 


Over the years, office furniture has evolved from traditional designs that were focused on practicality first, to hybrids that consider how practical the piece is alongside how comfortable it is to use. Research suggests that the more comfortable a worker is, the more likely he or she will perform at more optimal efficiency levels. Not only that, but comfortable furniture will also leave a lasting impression on potential customers that come to the office for a pitch meeting. When you’re buying your next piece of office furniture, consider the materials used, and how this will affect the person who has to use the piece on a day-to-day basis.


One of the biggest advantages of contemporary office furniture is that unlike its predecessors, modern office furniture is also designed with ergonomics in mind. Chairs that promote back health and good posture lead to happier employees who take less sick leave in the long run. Ergonomic furniture has a fundamental effect on the degree of wellness experienced at the office, and may even result in a more productive workforce. When you show the team that you take their health and wellbeing seriously, you’ll also gain popularity among different departments, which always helps when managing a big group of people. 

Modern office furniture in 2021

Versatility & Durability

Modern office furniture offers two other things that its predecessor might not: versatility and extended durability. Contemporary furniture gives you options to decorate in multiple ways without having to fork out more money to get what you want. This type of furniture is often multi-purpose, making it easier to tailor a space to the individual needs of the company. Although furniture has always been designed to be sturdy, technological advancements have made them even more durable than in the past, which is good to know in case you’re planning on furnishing a large space in the near future. 

Guarantees & Warranties

Last but not last, it pays to go with contemporary office furniture because these pieces often come with better than anticipated guarantees. Ixaxa Office Furniture is a supplier that is renowned for their extended warranties, which leaves you 100% covered in the event of a problem when you buy a furniture piece “out of the box”. A reputable supplier also means that you have access to a team of experts who can help make furnishing an office easier and quicker. The result is a professional space that may be better than you could have ever imagined.

Happy team in an open plan office

The Best Ways To Reduce Echo In Your Office

A lingering echo in the office might be a sign that there is too much bare space in the room. The fact that the space doesn’t have a lot in it is not necessarily a bad thing, but it may give the space a clinical feeling. If you’re trying to create an inviting company culture, this might be a challenge to overcome if you would like the team to feel more comfortable during their workday. The pandemic has also meant that more people are on conference calls than ever before, and echoes (whether through the software or the physical space) can be a great distraction during any meeting. The following tips should help to reduce echo in the office, in order to create a friendly, productive environment for everyone. 

Start With Soft Curtains, Cushions and Blankets

Check the curtains, cushions and blankets in the office. If you can’t find any, it might be an indicator as to why the space feels a little bit like a hospital waiting room. Always make sure to use soft curtains, rather than blinds, as these will absorb the sound better. Cushions and blankets might not be an office staple so to speak, but if you have a rec room and are wanting to encourage the team to feel a little more at home at the office, these will definitely go a long way. They also absorb noise well, which will reduce the echo in the office as a whole. 

Fluffy Carpeting Might Help

Next up, check the carpet. If the office is tiled, it’s going to be a lot harder for noise to be absorbed as a whole. Fluffy carpeting might require more maintenance in terms of cleaning, but it can be a great way to reduce noise as a whole. If you’re not able to get new carpets installed right away, consider adding more rugs to the area, to help with absorbing any echo in the meantime. As a rule, the softer you can go, the more likely you are going to stop the sound from traveling from department to department. 

Common office stationary

Fill Up The Bookshelves & Open Tabletops

Another great tip to keep in mind is to ensure that any bookshelves are well stocked, and that open tabletops have items on then. Adding more books to the office will not only give the space a professional feel, but will also encourage the team to learn more. Tabletops shouldn’t be cluttered, but perhaps there are surfaces that look a little more bare than they need to. Add some office plants to these spaces, or simply reshuffle some of the existing items in the surrounding areas to spread the noise absorption out a little better. 

Consider Acoustic Foam or Fabric Panels

If noise is a serious problem and people are complaining about it, it may be best to consider acoustic foam or fabric panels for key areas in the office. These are especially useful if you’d like to soundproof an area, or create more private space in the office. Although it might be a little bit of an expensive undertaking, it will be well worth it in the long run. If you need some more advice on how to reduce noise and echo in the office, reach out to the Ixaxa Office Furniture team for some extra help today.

Modern high-tech conference room

Where To Put The Conference Room Table In Your Office

If you’re going through a redesign at the office, or you have your sights set on entering a brand new space in the near future, you’re going to have to make a few practical considerations when it comes to the staple furniture used by the team. You might have already bought a new conference table, or are in the market for a replacement, and you’re wondering about where it should go in the existing or a new space. The following tips should help the process of deciding where it should go a little easier, and assist with making the space feel a little more comfortable, as you embark on a new chapter for the business. 

Start With The Obvious

The best place for a conference table is in a space that was designated as a meeting or conference room when it was first designed. This might sound fairly obvious, but a lot of new office spaces may have changed so drastically between tenants that it may not be all that obvious which space was originally meant to house the full team in one area. Ask the landlord if any of the rooms were initially designed for this purpose. Alternatively, it’s generally a good idea to use the biggest room in the building for the conference table, as it will be catering to team meetings, pitches to new clients, AGM’s and more. 

If Not, Find The Next Closest Private Space

If there isn’t an obvious conference or meeting room, look at the next best thing in terms of size, as well as privacy. Because modern conference room tables are designed to fit into various spaces, privacy is widely considered to be a more important factor, especially in an open plan office. The conference room space should double up as a meeting room, especially for some of the more sensitive office discussions and HR deliberations. When thinking about privacy, keep foot traffic in mind too, as people walking back and forth next to the door may end up being more disruptive than initially imagined. 

Consider Your Practical Needs

All businesses are unique, as is the space that they work from everyday. When deciding where to put the conference room table, be practical about the space, but also about where the table itself will slot in best.  Touch base with the team about their needs, hear out their ideas, and make sure that everyone is on the same page about the best place to put the conference room table. The last thing you want is for the new location to intrude on day-to-day operations for one of the departments (or cogs) in the business. Deciding on the right location is a team effort, as ultimately everyone will be using the space over time. 

Enhancing The Space Around The Conference Room Table

Whether you’re entering into a new space or refreshing an existing conference room, Ixaxa Office Furniture can help you find all the office furniture needed to enhance and complement the area. With open plan offices dominating businesses ranging from startups all the way through to more corporate operations, it’s never been more important to create a haven of sorts for the team to get together. The conference brings everyone together, and forms part of a bigger space at the heart of the organization. If you need help making it feel more homely, Ixaxa’s catalogue is a good place to start.

Modern Office Conference Table

The Main Types of Modern Office Conference Tables

On the market for a new conference table? You’ll be happy to know that these days, these kinds of tables are no longer confined to just being bulky room filling slabs that get used once or twice a week for team meetings. Modern conference tables are designed with customer needs in mind, with the intention of maximizing office spaces of all shapes and sizes. The four types that are worth exploring if you’re looking for something new include modular, mobile, folding and glass tables. Let’s discuss each of these, in order for you to find the best solution for your space. 

Modular Conference Tables

Modular conference tables are popular in 2021, as they are known for being durable, lightweight and adjustable. That means that it is easy to move around, great for when you’re thinking about reconfiguring a space, or even just practical in case a new need pops up and you need to create a temporary solution relatively quickly. Expect all kinds of different shapes and sizes when it comes to modular conference tables, but make sure that you know roughly what you’re looking for before starting your search, as otherwise the search can be quite overwhelming. 

Mobile Conference Tables

Mobile conference tables are another type that you could be looking at as an option. This is especially important for when you’re dealing with a short-term office space rental, or if you’re needing to make use of a single table for multiple purposes. Modern conference tables are designed in a way that is more slim and sleek than the ones you remember from 90’s Hollywood films, which means that regardless of which type you go with, you are likely to get a more mobile solution than you may have had in mind. 

Modern Conference Table Wood

Folding Conference Tables

The idea of a folding conference table might have you thinking back to a school bake sale or project. When you see some of the folding conference tables on the market, you’ll be surprised by how much you can do, and how good the table will look while you’re doing it. Folding conference tables often come with additional storage options, double up as mobile tables, and even allow you to nest different pieces of office furniture together, in order to create the best possible designs for the needs of the team. Throw out any preconceived idea you might have about folding conference tables when you’re enquiring about various ranges on offer. 

Glass Conference Tables

Last but not least, glass conference tables are still popular these days, especially thanks to their innovative new designs and their immaculate beauty irrespective of their size. If you’re after a more architectural look in the office, a glass table may be an easy way to use those interior decorating skills to their full capacity. Glass tables are elegant and timeless, and although they may need regular cleaning to look their best, it’s well worth the extra time and attention in order to create the right kind of office environment for your team.

Where To Buy Furniture Online During COVID-19

Millions of workers around the world have been forced to make do with a temporary office space at home in the wake of the 2021 COVID-19 pandemic. While some thought it may only last a couple of weeks, many countries are still in lockdowns a couple of months in, with estimates suggesting that it could be well over a year before a vaccine is ready to hit the market. In the meantime, some companies are pitching in to help employees buy office furniture for home, especially if it may be a couple of months until they are allowed to return to the actual office of the company. So where do you go if you’re looking for furniture during the lockdown? We’ll address this today, as well as touching on how to go about making smart buying decisions in times of great uncertainty. 

The Rise of the Work From Home Environment

While the rise of working from home is directly tied to the coronavirus pandemic, many futurists have predicted that the steady rise of technological innovation would result in this becoming all the more common as we head deeper into 2021. Pandemic aside, there is a strong chance that office based employees may be expected to work from home for extended periods in the near future. Conversely, work from home could see a spike in numbers as more small businesses default on their rent payments as a result of economic contraction from the global pandemic. This would mean that companies wouldn’t close their doors altogether – just their physical ones, in the short term. As a result of this, employees will all be expected to carry on operations remotely.

Getting The Job Done With The Right Furniture

If you’re of the belief that you may find yourself working from home regularly (or permanently) in the near future, it helps to buy smart, not cheap. This includes outlining a space for you to work that is ideally not close to where you sleep or relax. It’s also crucial that wherever possible, you don’t bank on items like dining chairs and countertops to do your work. This is not only bad for your health, but also forfeits any boundaries you’ve set up at home between work time and unwinding time. Blurring the two could have serious consequences on your mental health. Start with some thorough planning, ask colleagues what they have been doing, and prepare yourself for a situation where you may be working from home on a more permanent basis at very short notice. 

Questions To Ask Before Buying New Furniture

When you’re buying new furniture, especially in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, you should keep a few considerations front of mind in your decision making process. How easy is the furniture to clean? How complicated is maintenance? How easy is it to set up? How long is the warranty? Do due diligence upfront, and don’t be afraid to ask these (and other) questions to the supplier if you’d like to cover all your bases. As the world enters a new phase of health and safety considerations, even just knowing how to properly clean our furniture at home can make a world of difference in current and future pandemics. 

Getting Your Hands on Furniture During COVID-19

It can be daunting to find a furniture supplier that is open for business even in the wake of troublesome international events, including COVID-19. The last thing you want to do is to have to scurry around trying to find a supplier that is able to help you furnish your new home office, or to find one to purchase replacement furniture whenever you need it. Ixaxa Office Furniture has two decades of experience in the industry, and has been providing workstation design solutions for companies of all shapes and sizes since their early days. Showcasing their worth in the prompt response in the early stages of the pandemic, Ixaxa is connected to their clients and always on hand to help with requests. If you’re looking to talk to an expert about your current needs, they’ve got you covered around the clock. 

The Best Work from Home Furniture:

What To Invest In First

Working from home these days? You’re not alone. The pandemic has changed the lives of so many people around South Africa and the world, and a lot of employees and business owners have had to make serious changes to their work routines as a result. If you’re one of the many people who is now working remotely on a full-time basis, you might have noticed that using the kitchen table as a desk is not a long-term solution. 2021 is a good year to invest in the right furniture for you to be your productive self, and we’re here to help make sure you spend your hard-earned cash on the right things right from the get-go. 

The New Normal: Work From Home Furniture

“Work from home furniture” is not exactly something that was a trending Google search for many people before March of 2020. Typically, this type of work was reserved for self-employed people, CEO’s or entrepreneurs. All of that has changed in the last twelve months, and the “new normal” now includes a workforce that spends a lot of time doubling up on home time and carving out hours spent in the same location to get to everything on their to-do list. If you’re in this position, the first two things you should think about buying is a decent office desk, and a chair. 

Start With A Good Desk

Your deskspace is the cornerstone of your work life, and for many businesses, the foundation of productivity across a workday. While buying a desk may seem like an easy thing to do, because it can be an expensive investment you will use for years (if not decades), you should make sure that it meets all your needs. If you’re in a creative field, and need space to brainstorm or sketch, it’s better to go bigger. If you’re starting up your side hustle and just need laptop space, there are smaller options that can help. Start by writing down everything you need to get to your essentials, and because the desk will be at home, think about other activities you might also want space for after hours.

Then, Move To An Office Chair

Once you have your sights set on a desk, it’s time to move on to buying a great chair. Under no circumstances will a dining room chair with little to no back support ever be good enough for your health in the long-term. It may have been a good idea as a short-term fix when the pandemic hit, but we’re in it for the long haul now. Consider a range of different chairs, and if you can pay up for an ergonomic chair with great back support (and a good warranty), you’ll always be in good company. Better yet, you might not have as many chiropractor bills to content with later on in life!

Lastly, Create An Inviting Space

Buying WFH furniture shouldn’t only involve the practical things you need. The idea is to get the essentials, and then to work on making the space as inviting as possible. This can be done by buying a nice lamp for the desk, investing in good headphones and/or speakers, or even considering a coffee maker for home. A great work from home experience starts with meeting your own needs, and making sure you’re doing what you can to reach your full productive potential across a given day. That counts even for the days when the dog won’t stop pestering for a walk at all hours. Remember that you’re doing great considering the circumstances, and we wish you many good work from home days in future. 

The Best Places to Buy Office Chairs Online in South Africa

Millions of people have turned to online shopping as a result of the pandemic. This is mostly because of initial lockdown orders, but also has to do with the fact that many people are scared to be out in public, especially while the COVID-19 vaccines are not in full circulation yet. If you’re after a new office chair for home or your workspace, but you’re not keen on going around the malls to find one, we’ve got you covered right here. These online office chair suppliers are some of the best in South Africa. 


Business Furniture Solutions is a self-professed business of “humble beginnings”, but considering how much they have grown over the last 18 years, we’d hardly call them a small fish in the big pond these days. With offices in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town, and a website that speaks volumes about their work ethic, you can tell that they mean business. BFS sells various office chairs in their catalogue, alongside a host of other ergonomic products. They sell and rent furniture out to businesses across the country, have regular promotions on their website, and even offer free consultations in case you’re not sure what to buy. A full-service online solution? We think so.

Office Group

Office Group Office Furniture celebrated their 15 year anniversary last year, making a splash about it and even offering up some great deals in their catalogue as a result. The company is known for providing furniture solutions to all kinds of corporate offices, waiting rooms and these days, home offices are a new focus point. Their range of office chairs is dependable and well reviewed, and we can appreciate the diversity of styles and models they sell. Their sleek COVID-19 workspace section, which is easy to spot and navigate, might even have you walking away with more furniture than you initially bargained for.


CityOffice might not be winning any awards for having the most visually appealing website anytime soon, but their catalogue makes up for it and packs a major punch. Between four different ranges, they offer over 34 different sub-ranges, including office furniture that will make any business owner take a second look. We love their office chair range for its price versatility, and because of the fact that most of the pieces are sold with a decent warranty. As a side note, they also sell training furniture, school furniture and stackables. Branching out sure looks good on them!

Ixaxa Office Furniture

Last but certainly not least, Ixaxa Office Furniture has long been a leader in its field, not only for its exquisite customer service but in particular for their range of chairs that always keeps up with the latest in technological innovation. Ixaxa’s Sohum Chair, which might even still be on special on their website, comes with a 5-year warranty, has a water repellant seat fabric, and even has a fire retardant mesh back. It’s clear they are designing these with a mindset to cover all possible risks (and who can blame them, after the pandemic struck?). For something a bit more straightforward, check out their Apollo Task Chair or Bizzo Draughtsmans Chair, both of which retail for less than R2000.

Ixaxa’s Credenza Cabinet Catalogue For 2021

The Full Scoop: 

At Ixaxa, we’re always doing our best to deliver the best possible products for our clients. As the Credenza Cabinet Catalogue for 2021 shows, we’ve stepped up our game to bring office furniture seekers the best quality credenza cabinets on the market, in more than one form. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet. If you’re a first-time shopper for credenza anything, we’ll first let you know exactly what it is, and how it differs from a credenza desk. If you’ve been around the block and are planning on opening up new office space or renovating, stay with us too. You might even get a better sense of what’s out there on the market, to help you before you buy. 

What is a Credenza Cabinet?

Traditionally speaking, a credenza has often been sold as a sideboard for a dining room. Over the decades, it has crept into business spaces too, acting as a useful extra table top or storage space when modern offices are often forcing tenants to do more with a little less. Depending on if it is sold as a standalone or part of a desk, a credenza can have different uses. A standalone credenza cabinet can be used for display purposes, to hold odds and ends (like keys, glasses and more) and even be a viable option for when you need extra space for the staff party. A (desk) built-in credenza cabinet has more of a storage purpose, and is somewhat less mobile, depending on the overall design. 

Credenza Cabinets vs. Credenza Desks

Credenza cabinets are often sold closely in the same catalogues as credenza desks, but it’s important to make a key distinction between the two. Both offer an immaculately designed piece of furniture, but the former is typically considered a standalone item. Credenza desks are “regular” office desks that are sold with a credenza cabinet or two built-in. The desks are usually very slender and the credenza might even be fixed in place as part of the overall design. It’s not altogether uncommon for people to mix credenza cabinets and desks, in order to create something that meets their storage needs a little bit better.

Credenza Cabinets (Ixaxa’s 2021 Catalogue)

Now that you know a little more about the credenza furniture options available, we should touch on the new products we mentioned earlier. Ixaxa’s credenza cabinet catalogue can be conveniently divided into credenza cabinets, and credenza desks. The cabinets feature two standalone products, namely the Credenza Roller Door, and the Credenza Sliding Door. Both come with a 22mm base, and are available in melamine colours. The roller door has a single sliding door that crosses over the entire cabinet. The sliding door offers two doors, split perfectly in the middle. A key distinction, aside from the way they look, is that the roller door does not come with any shelves, but the sliding door does. This makes it perfect for storing two sections of standard sized files, for instance.

Credenza Desks (Ixaxa’s 2021 Catalogue)

If you’re looking to go after the full credenza “shebang”, the range of desks in the 2021 catalogue is a good place to go looking. Ixaxa’s Elite Executive Desk comes with a staggering 2200 x 600 credenza that will make sure your space never looks untidy or disorganised. The BQ 1816 Managerial Desk is a little bit more simple (and geared towards startups or people working from home), but still packs a punch with a credenza desk in birch and grey colours. The BQ 506 Loop Leg Desk turns heads for a reason because it comes with a credenza that perfectly nestles around the u-bend. Depending on what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to get what you need whether you choose one of these three or a standalone counterpart. If not, don’t be shy to reach out to us and we’ll point you in the right direction.