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Business Furniture Solutions: Modular Desking vs Cluster Desking

Business Furniture Solutions: Modular Desking vs Cluster Desking

Business furniture is a catch-all term for anything one might use in their office space to either seat staff, fill up spaces, provide storage and allow visitors to feel welcome and comfortable when visiting your offices.

Employee seating is one of the first considerations any office needs to make, to ensure that their staff are well spaced out and can function effectively in the environment.

If space restrictions are an all-too-real aspect of your office space, modular and cluster desking have probably crossed your mind. We go through each type of desk setup to help determine which might fulfill your needs best!

Modular Desk Office Furniture

Modular desking is typically classified as a desk that is a “one-stop-shop”.  It will likely contain drawers, a podenza or cadenza, and have a side-table add-on attached to it. However, Ixaxa has changed the way modular desking is looked at.

With the introduction of the Smart Modular Configured table, you can (very easily) make some of the most interesting, aesthetically modern and space-maximising table layouts you have yet to see. There is no need to compromise on storage space – a free-standing pedestal will always be an options – but if you have an office space that really is tight on usable floor space, the configurable table setup will ease your stresses – guaranteed.

Cluster Desk Office Furniture

One of the first real space-saving office desk layouts, the cluster office desk is what we have come to know as a typical “call-centre” setup; these types of desk setups, however, come in a range so expansive it would be futile to try list all of them in one post. Cluster desks offer a higher level of privacy when compared to modular desking, but also takes up a bit more office space in doing so.

The intrinsic nature of this desk style is somewhat bulky, and cannot be modified to suit your specific office as the modular desk can.


So, which type of desk setup is better for my business?

If space is at the forefront of your concerns, a modular configurable table will solve almost all those problems.

However, if privacy is more important to you than maximising on space – the cluster station is a hybrid you might want to look into.


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