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Boardroom Tables Johannesburg: Things to Consider, Styles to Choose From and What to Avoid

Boardroom Tables Johannesburg:  Things to Consider, Styles to Choose From and What to Avoid

A boardroom table is many things to many people; it is a possible talking point for a nervous candidate being interviewed. It is the impromptu gathering area for baby showers and surprise cake-and-tea for staff birthdays. It is where people gather to discuss great ideas and brainstorm their brand to the next level.

A boardroom table should be able to handle the daily use of an n office environment, and also be able to meet the requirements of everything we’ve just mentioned. A “cheap” boardroom table will be more costly few years down the line; we do suggest opting for a quality piece of furniture in this instance, and we’re going to explain what to look for, what styles might suit you best as well as what to avoid when purchasing a boardroom desk for your business.


What To Look for in a Boardroom Table

Likely the most important thing to consider when 0urghasing a boardroom table is the size of it; will it fit into your boardroom –comfortably (i.e. I with chairs and sufficient space to move them around) – and also how well the table is going to accommodate the amount of people you anticipate having daily use for it.

Once you know if you need a 6-setaer, 8-seater or even 16-seater table, you can then begin your journey to finding the exact right boardroom able.

Another big consideration to make is the style of the table and the aesthetic it portrays; no use in opting for antique mahogany that costs you a fortune, when the overall look of your office is industrial chic. Opting for pieces that tie in with your general décor theme is a great idea, and even better if it could be a featured piece.

If space restrictions are a problem for you, consider an interchangeable table setup; design and technology have ensured that folding mechanisms, also known as interlocking pieces, used in the manufacture of boardroom tables enable various arrangements in size and shape of boardroom tables to be configured to allow for individual preferences and needs.


What Style Will Suit my Company’s Image?

It’s hard to have a definitive answer to this, but a few basic guidelines may include:

If your office is modern, choosing steel and white as a finishing will allow a more modern feel throughout the business.

A classically-styled business environment will usually opt for dark-wood finishing’s, oak, mahogany etc. Ensuring your chairs have a similar quality finish will tie together the entire room beautifully.

Whichever style suits your office space the best is the one you should go for; if you are happy to mix and match the chairs in your boardroom, use it as a feature piece, while staying in the lanes of “safety” may allow for a separate feature piece altogether.

What Should I Avoid When Selecting my Boardroom Desk?

While it might be extremely tempting to go for the cheapest desk that might fit all your staff around it, it’s not always the best option in the long-run. Cheaper tables are subject to weakness and specific “weak points”, which may be gravely affected by people who are not familiar with those weak-points unknowingly placing pressure on them.


No matter what type of image you aim to convey, it will be smashed into smithereens the second that table either splinters, collapses or loses a piece – especially if this were to happen in the midst of an important meeting!

Choosing furniture that is supplied directly to you from an importer is your best bet at reaching equilibrium in quantity vs quality.


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