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Best Restaurant Furniture Choices – How to Choose Furniture For Your Business

Best Restaurant Furniture Choices – How to Choose Furniture For Your Business

So many things have to be taken into account when opening a new restaurant: choosing the right location, the menu, the recipes, the team, advertising, and more. Choosing the tables and chairs to host your customers may seem like an afterthought. Yet, it is of crucial importance!

Choosing the right tables and chairs for a restaurant is no easy task! All sorts of parameters have to be taken into account: the price, of course, as well as the design, practical considerations, space constraints. Here are some pro tips to help you select the right furniture for your establishment.

Restaurant Furniture Considerations

  • The Size of Your Restaurant

Compact booths might be a better option than large tables and chairs for smaller restaurants.

You’ll want to maximize the number of tables and chairs in the restaurant without sacrificing a clean flow of foot traffic between the kitchen and the dining room. Make sure you know exactly how much space you have available to devote to actual restaurant seating before you begin buying furniture. This will help you select the right size seats and tables.

Another thing to keep in mind that diners generally aren’t too thrilled about being squeezed into a restaurant like sardines in a can. Resist the urge to pack as much seating into your available space as possible, particularly if it’s limited. It might seem like it allows you to serve more meals, but it might not be to your advantage, particularly if you’re just starting out and haven’t made a name for yourself quite yet.

If the whole town knows that you indisputably offer the best slow-roasted beef, diners are likely to tolerate a little more inconvenience to enjoy it.

  • Take the theme of your restaurant into consideration

When in the market for restaurant furniture, consider the type of “feeling” you are trying to evoke. Once the desired theme is identified, you will be able to choose furniture options that best reflect the atmosphere and experience that you are going for.

For example, what visuals and emotions come to mind when considering the following styles:

  • Modern
  • Fast Food
  • Casual & Comfortable
  • Rustic Industrial
  • Elegant Fine Dining

Chances are that your visualizations of each style are quite different from one another. From smooth and sophisticated to modern and fun – there are endless combinations to choose from!

  • Restaurant Seating

When you set out to determine what kind of seating you need in your restaurant, you will first need to have an idea of your layout. Will you be serving at a bar, bistro tables, booths, or standard tables? Each of these requires different seating options, with each seat type available in a variety of materials.

Commercial bar stools are available with metal and wooden frames, in a variety of different finishes to fit in with your restaurant’s or bar’s décor. The seat can have a bottom only, or can also have a back, and the seat might be stationary or set up to swivel. Most bar stools have vinyl, metal, or wooden seats, all of which are easy to wipe clean. Some less-common options, like wicker and mesh seats, can fit in well with some décor, but are harder to clean. Bar stool seats and bases are available separately as well, to help you create a unique look for your dining room or bar. These can be used at bar counter areas, as well as with tall pub and bar tables.

Restaurant chairs will have metal or wooden frames, and might have vinyl, wooden, or plastic seats that are usually easy to wipe clean. High-volume restaurants may want to consider stackable chairs, which can be easily stored out of the way when they are not in use. These can be used at standard tables, or in conjunction with an end booth or a set of booths that run along a wall where you only want a booth on one side of the table.

Booths and benches are common options in restaurants where space is at a premium. These seats are most often upholstered, meaning they are available in a wide range of colors and can often be customized with a fabric of your choice. Vinyl is a common choice on booth seats and backs due to its ease of cleaning. Booths and benches can be configured back-to-back along a wall, or you can have a series of seats running lengthwise along the wall with tables and chairs positioned in front of them.

Booster seats and high chairs make your restaurant more welcoming to families with small children. Booster seats, made of plastic or wood, can be used in the existing chairs and booths. Wooden booster seats have one height, while plastic models may be single-or dual-height. Some booster seats include straps that secure the booster to the chair or that help secure the child into the seat. High chairs are made out of either wood or plastic, and most have straps to help keep children safely secured. Some high chairs come on casters for easy mobility, and many are stackable to help conserve storage space.

  • Restaurant Tables

Restaurant tables are available as all-in-one sets or as separate bases and tops. Purchasing the components separately gives you the option of replacing either, should one become damaged, without having to buy a whole new table.

Table tops are available in round, square, and rectangular shapes in a variety of sizes, made out of a range of materials including wood, laminate, and granite. Table bases are available in pedestal styles with disk, square, and T-shaped bases, which are durable and easy to clean around.

Tables that are sold as preconfigured combinations of tops and bases include small bistro tables, larger dining tables, and tall bar tables. The tops of these tables can be made of melamine, wood, or glass, and some bar tables are made completely out of aluminum.

Easy-to-store folding tables are also available for restaurants that may require extra seating only occasionally. The tops of these tables are usually made of melamine or molded plastic, while their legs and frames are made of aluminum or steel.

  • Commercial Patio Furniture

Any furniture that will be used outdoors needs to be especially strong and weather-resistant in order to withstand the conditions it will face. Outdoor tables are available with laminate, metal, stone, or wood tops, with some of the metal tables having a mesh top, which can be harder to clean but allows water and spilled drinks to drain through easily. Some tables have holes in their centers to allow for the placement of a patio umbrella, which can greatly enhance the comfort of your guests on sunny days.

Outdoor benches are available to give customers a place to sit while waiting for their tables, and can be made of metal or wooden slats, or metal mesh. These are available with and without a back, and some come with cushions for additional comfort. Outdoor chairs made out of metal, wicker, plastic, and wood are also available, as are folding and stacking chairs that are ideal for restaurants that may need to store outdoor furniture in the off-season. Outdoor bar stools are available in the same materials as the chairs, and can be purchased with or without backs.

  • Specialty Furniture

Commercial restaurant furniture goes beyond just chairs and tables, with specialty furniture available to make restaurant operations and storage easier. Below are some furniture options you may want to consider.

Commercial coat racks can be rolled across the floor or mounted on a wall. Reusable and disposable coat check tickets are also available to enable you to keep track of everyone’s outerwear. Tray stands are available to make serving large groups easier. These can be lightweight models that fold for easy carrying and storing, or stand on casters for easy transportation.

Commercial office furniture includes desks, coffee tables, chairs, bookcases, and mobile carts for furnishing offices and waiting rooms. Hostess stands can be stationary or on casters, and usually have a surface for writing on and shelves for storing menus and cutlery. Some models also have drawers for storing smaller items.

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