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The Best Places to Buy Office Chairs Online in South Africa

Finding the perfect office chair online in South Africa

Millions of people have turned to online shopping as a result of the pandemic. This is mostly because of initial lockdown orders, but also has to do with the fact that many people are scared to be out in public, especially while vaccinations are a hot topic. If you’re after a new office chair for home or your workspace, but you’re not keen on going around the malls to find one, we’ve got you covered right here. These online office chair suppliers are some of the best in South Africa. 


Business Furniture Solutions is a self-professed business of “humble beginnings”, but considering how much they have grown over the last 18 years, we’d hardly call them a small fish in the big pond these days. With offices in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town, and a website that speaks volumes about their work ethic, you can tell that they mean business. BFS sells various office chairs in their catalogue, alongside a host of other ergonomic products. They sell and rent furniture out to businesses across the country, have regular promotions on their website, and even offer free consultations in case you’re not sure what to buy. A full-service online solution? We think so.

Office Group

Office Group Office Furniture celebrated their 15 year anniversary last year, making a splash about it and even offering up some great deals in their catalogue as a result. The company is known for providing furniture solutions to all kinds of corporate offices, waiting rooms and these days, home offices are a new focus point. Their range of office chairs is dependable and well reviewed, and we can appreciate the diversity of styles and models they sell. Their sleek COVID-19 workspace section, which is easy to spot and navigate, might even have you walking away with more furniture than you initially bargained for.


CityOffice might not be winning any awards for having the most visually appealing website anytime soon, but their catalogue makes up for it and packs a major punch. Between four different ranges, they offer over 34 different sub-ranges, including office furniture that will make any business owner take a second look. We love their office chair range for its price versatility, and because of the fact that most of the pieces are sold with a decent warranty. As a side note, they also sell training furniture, school furniture and stackables. Branching out sure looks good on them!

Ixaxa Office Furniture

Last but certainly not least, Ixaxa Office Furniture has long been a leader in its field, not only for its exquisite customer service but in particular for their range of chairs that always keeps up with the latest in technological innovation. Ixaxa’s Sohum Task Chair, which might even still be on special on their website, comes with a 5-year warranty, has a water repellant seat fabric, and even has a fire retardant mesh back. It’s clear they are designing these with a mindset to cover all possible risks (and who can blame them, after the pandemic struck?). For something a bit more straightforward, check out their Apollo Task Chair or Bizzo Draughtsmans Chair, both of which retail for less than R2000.

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