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Best Office Filing Cabinets Options in Gauteng

Best Office Filing Cabinets Options in Gauteng

While there is a definite transition to digital filing and record keeping, some businesses offer the kinds of products and services with a requirement to keep a wide range of documents on file in filing cabinets, many of which require a lot of space to index and store years and years of (often confidential) information. Many companies are also looking to keep backups of documents in the event of a fire, often even making this a part of their service offering. If you’re looking for a solution for your office, be it for client files, or internal record keeping purposes, there are a few great options to explore in the Gauteng Region, which we’re excited to share with you today.

Affordable Filing Solutions

Boasting 21 years of dedicated service, Affordable Filing Solutions offers a wide range of filing cabinet solutions, including mobile filers, top retrieval cabinets, electronic safes and even fire cabinets. These guys were quick to respond to our queries around the best solution for our office, and while usually taking between three and four weeks to install, you’re guaranteed a decent outcome regardless of what your business requirements are. It’s worth getting a quote from them and looking at their range as a starting point for sure.

Oxford Office Furniture

Oxford Office Furniture may not specialise in filing cabinets per se, but their maxi and quadro cabinet options tend to be quite a popular option for buyers. What’s particularly interesting about these guys, is that they offer clients the ability to customise products based on their needs directly via the website (i.e. selecting the amount of drawers and colour, to start off the quote process). Essentially, you are cutting away time with a middle man in the process and getting exactly what you need, or a pricing estimate for it at least. Nice!

Oasis Office Furniture

Oasis Office Furniture might not have a state of the art website like the others on the list, but don’t let that deter you from their product offering, which comes highly recommended. Their drawer units have a particular allure, perhaps because of the ‘home made’ feel, with a perfectly refined finish. In business for the past 15 years, these guys provide a quick turnaround time for delivery and you’re always guaranteed service with a smile. Well worth keeping them in mind next time you need a new filing solution.

Ixaxa Office Furniture Solutions

Last but by no means least, Ixaxa Office Furniture has a stylish range of office products, from desks and chairs, all the way to storage units and filing cabinets. From sliding doors, to rolling doors, wall units and mobile options, these guys are guaranteed to have the filing solution you are looking for. We also have yet to experience poor service from one of their consultants and are always left satisfied when ordering a product from them. Have a look at their range and enquire about any deals they may be running at the moment (perhaps it’s even worth trying them first, as they have a tendency to run some great special offers).

Whether you’re looking for traditional filing cabinets, a security option or something that will survive a fire in the office, these companies are all worth considering. If you’re in the greater Johannesburg area, they’ll be able to offer a decent turnaround time on the new product, while also making sure you get the right product, based on your needs. Happy hunting and you’re welcome!

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