Best Furniture for Call Centres

Best Furniture for Call Centres

Purchasing call centre furniture can be a challenging process, but it doesn’t have to be. Finding the right furniture design to accommodate business goals, like increasing communication and productivity, is doable when you work with a company that specializes in customer service focused spaces, like call centres and contact centres.

Benefits of Call  Centre Office Furniture

Purchasing your office furniture from a manufacturer that focuses on call centre furniture provides a number of productivity benefits to employers. For example, these manufacturers create raised office stations specifically for team leaders and call centre managers. These raised height of these desks enables supervisors to observe, manage, and communicate with their employees. Experts say that the more supervisors and employees talk, the more productive a business becomes. Customized call centre furniture can lead to a more productive workplace.

  • Selecting the Right Desk

To select the best furniture for your office, start by picking the panel height of the desks. Office workstations with a panel height between 40 inches and 42 inches give a supervisor the best view of his or her office while providing employees with some privacy. An option to add more privacy, but keep visibility, is to outfit workstations with unique acrylic panels and decorative elements. These creative embellishments bring a unique visual appeal to the office without sacrificing visibility.

  • Finding the Right Colour

Another important thing to think about when designing your call centre furniture is the colour of your office cubicles and desks. Studies show that the colour of a space can influences the productivity of the employees. It is often recommended to select neutral colours for the office desks, and spruce up these neutral desks with colourful chairs, paint, art, or vivid work accessories.

  • Office Layout

The dimensions and layout of your workplace furniture also impacts the productivity of the office. The most dynamic office floor plans leave adequate space for collaboration, break rooms, and training areas. An adequate floor plan also leaves plenty of aisle space for supervisors to reach their call centre agents easily and efficiently. Creating several pathways to the centre’s restrooms and exits are also extremely important.

There are various types of office layouts to play around with, to find the right setup for you:

  • Cubicle Office Furniture

A common option that consists of a large desk divided up with panels into several square workspaces.

Pros of Cubicle Office Layouts

  • Efficient use of floor space. Anyone who’s ever played Tetris will know that square blocks waste the least space. This makes it convenient for cabling too.
  • Noise reduction. Separating panels stop calls being obscured by background noise.
  • Cost effective. The furniture is relatively cheap to buy and gets the most out of what you pay for office space.

Cons of Cubicle Office Layouts

  • Feels lonely and claustrophobic. This isn’t the best layout for a happy office. Sitting in a square box all day, unable to see your colleagues, can make agents feel a bit like battery hens.
  • Pod Office Furniture Layout

Pros of Pod Office Layouts

  • Feels more ‘open’. Compared to square cubicles, pods feel much more spacious and collaborative. Supervisors can see much more of what’s going on too.
  • Looks good. Circles are fundamentally more pleasing to look at than squares. Also, most pods will have a solid block in the middle on which you can put flowers or other decorative items to make each pod unique.
  • Good use of desk space. The desk space you actually use in a pod is more of a trapezium shape than a square or a triangle. This fits better with the reach of your arms – more elbow room and less redundant corner space.

Cons of Pod Office Layouts

  • Doesn’t maximise office space. Can you imagine throwing a hexagon into a game of Tetris? They’re not space efficient – square cubicles will always give you more agents in one office than hexagonal pods will.
  • More expensive. The furniture itself is relatively expensive, but that’s a one-time expenditure. It’s the ratio of agents to office space that’s ultimately more costly.
  • Long Table Office Furniture

Just a long table with agents sitting along it.

Pros of Long Table Office Layouts

  • It’s not going to cost much to just buy a few basic tables.
  • Very open for collaborative working. If you’re not using dividing panels, you’ve got a very interactive working environment.
  • Easy to move. Light tables that have wheels are really flexible if you need to change your office layout regularly.

Cons of Long Table Office Layouts

  • Noise is a problem. If you run a call centre with no segregating panels, you’re going to have a lot of background noise.
  • Wires are a problem. This negates most of the benefits you get from the tables being easy to move. Unless your agents are working from laptops and wireless headsets, wires are a nightmare to hook up on tables that aren’t designed for it.

So what’s your priority?

If you need to keep costs down, go for cubicles.

For a pleasant, interactive office environment, try pods.

If you need to watch your agents like a hawk, sit at a raised desk.

If your office layout is forever moving around and you really need to keep costs down, stick to the good ol’-fashioned long tables. 

However, if you need expert advice, guidance and pricing, click here to get in touch with us today!


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