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Best Ergonomic Chair for Back Pain: Typist Chair vs Ergonomic

Best Ergonomic Chair for Back Pain: Typist Chair vs Ergonomic

Working in an office environment nowadays oftentimes means long hours seated behind a computer or at least at a desk – usually in a static position for the majority of the day. While there are steps we can take to improve our spinal health (think taking regular breaks to stretch, walk around and get your blood flowing again) – there is simply no denying that using the right type of office chair will work wonders for pain related to prolonged sitting.

The typist chair is one of the most commonly spotted chairs in an ordinary work environment – they are cheaper – and seem similar in the design of an ergonomic chair. But are you unknowingly using a chair that does not offer the correct type of lumbar support, and may be doing you more harm than good?
This side by side comparison of the most typical features of an ergonomic chair vs a typist chair help us to understand why ergonomic might be better (though costing more) and exactly what features will benefit you in the long run:


Ergonomic Chair Features Typist Chair Features
Adjustable seat height – Yes Adjustable seat height – Yes
Wide and deep seat structure – Yes Wide and deep seat structure – No; typically far more compact design
Adjustable arm rests – Yes Adjustable arm rests – No; usually no arm rests on a typists chair
Lumbar support – Yes Lumbar support – No; usually only upper back support on a typists chair
Adjustable back rest – Yes Adjustable back rest – No; usually static position of backrest for typists chair
Neck rest – Yes Neck rest – No; static upper back rest with no neck rest
Mobility – wheels fitted – Yes Mobility – wheels fitted – Yes
Quality seat material – Yes Quality seat material – Yes
Swivel action – Yes Swivel action – Sometimes
Able to support higher weight capacity – Yes Able to support higher weight capacity – No; because of the compact design, typists chairs can usually only support up to 100kg at most


Is an Ergonomic Chair Better than a Typists Chair?

A typist chair definitely has its place in the world; for those who make use of their office chair for less than 3 hours a day to day basis may not find need for a higher-priced ergonomic chair. That being said, the differences between an ergonomic chair and a typists chair are very evident.

For anyone – and we mean anyone- who sits in excess of 3 hours daily should really consider swapping out that typist chair for a lumbar-support ergonomic chair.

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