Best 5 Office Chair Brands South Africa

Best 5 Office Chair Brands quickly summarises our biggest problem when it comes to office furniture and office seating more specially:

“Ergonomics are important, but we had mistakenly thought that if we had our desk at the correct height and hands in the optimal position for typing that we could get away with an inexpensive poorly design chair in our home office. After reading a 6 page report from the Continuing Education Unit at Herman Miller we are no longer labouring under such misapprehensions.”

Far, far too often, we overlook the quality of an office chair, and would gladly opt for the less costly version – whether it’s for a small team or a large corporate-type of environment.

Let’s just consider one thing before we make out decision; our staff spend an average of 6 – 10 hours each day, seated at their desks (whether working on a computer, on papers, or even answering phones). Companies do – and should – expect the best from their employees each and every day. How is your employee going to cope – after being seated for so long – in a chair that not only helps in no way to keep their posture correct, but a chair that may very well exacerbate any existing back, neck, hip or shoulder problems?

What if the solution to your absenteeism crises or low work morale was as easy as getting the right chair?

We’ve curated a list of the Bets 5 Office Chair brands (based on quality and ergonomic design) so you can easily make an informed decision when refurnishing your office.


What Are The Best Ergonomic Office Chairs in South Africa?

An actual Chiropractor reviewed this chair, and had the following to say:

Ergotherapy GetOne

Ergotherapy GetOne








“Ergotherapy was the catalyst we needed to review our working environment in order to invest in the well-being of our staff.”

The Ergotherapy GetOne is one of the most popular brands when it comes to Ergonomically designed office chairs. Find their range and contact details here!


The Apollo Office Chair

Apollo Office Chair










A pretty decent review of this chair is all we need to convince us:

“The results are amazing.  I feel more productive, it provides me with the support that I need in my back” – Marcia Margolis Editor in Chief at SA Decor & Design.”

For pricing and info – click here!

Lumbar Pro Chair

Lumbar Pro Chair










“The Lumbar Pro has an ergonomically designed back rest with adjustable lumbar support and a permanent contact back rest.  The chair is endorsed by the South African Society of Physiotherapy and offer superior all day seating comfort.”

Find out availability and pricing here!


WAU Ergonomic Office Chair

WAU Ergonomic Chair









This is the chair to top all chairs; fit for the CEO (and his wife) the WAU range of Ergonomic Chairs are some of the best money can buy. We have our own review right here- check it out!

For more pricing and info, click here.

Ergo 4000 Range of Ergonomic Chair

Ergo 4000







These chairs are available in both the Active and Executive ranges – differing slightly in price as well as features.

As for the range as a whole – they are fitted with fully-adjustable headrests, mesh backrests, lumbar support, adjustable armrests – and a 5 Year Guarantee.

Click here to read up more or get a quote!


*The views and opinions expressed are not that of the supplier. The ranges specified are not officially ranked.


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