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Adjustable Standing Desks: Practical or Pointless?

Adjustable Standing Desks: Practical or Pointless?

In 2020, many companies are opting for active workspaces and adjustable standing desks, not only because they are more practical, mobile and they take up less space, but because of the health benefits associated, which staff can gain from over the short and long term. So what exactly is an adjustable standing desk, why are they so popular, what are the health benefits of using this, and how can you go about buying one for your team? We have the answers to all your questions neatly tucked away in one place here, so you can make an informed decision about a move towards an active workspace at your office.

What is an Adjustable Standing Desk?

An adjustable standing desk is essentially an elevated desk that was designed specifically for writing, working or reading while standing up. Often, it is able to be built in multiple ways, and fits neatly on top of any desk surface. This allows people to move the desk around more freely in their day, and essentially encourages a hotdesking culture in the office. While people have gotten used to sitting down while they work, standing desks are starting to revolutionise the workforce, albeit that it has been a slow built towards their adoption in corporate workspaces. 

The Increase in Popularity of Adjustable Desks & Active Workspaces

As you can imagine, these desks are most popular in startup environments, especially with the millennial generation. Baby boomers may take a bit more convincing, having spent a majority of their working lifetimes in a sedentary position behind a desk. Adjustable desks are paving the way for what is known as active workspaces. These allow for staff to be mobile, allow for them to work from different parts of the office (or perhaps even outside) whenever they feel like a change of scenery. Employers are becoming more health savvy as technological advancements continue, and particularly as we become more sedentary as a result of automation. Active workspaces are able to combat this with full force, and adjustable desks have become the cornerstone of this.

Health Benefits of Using an Adjustable Desk

You may be wondering what the health benefits related to using an adjustable desk are, in particular as it may take some convincing for you to consider standing up while working. Recent studies have highlighted a few important points for you to consider. Standing while working is not only good for your body, but researchers have discovered this has positive effects on your mental health as well. More movement means you’re decreasing your risk of heart disease, and possibly increasing your lifespan in the process too. Doctor’s agree that sitting all day is a bad idea, and some have likened using a standing desk to running a marathon: you’re putting in the hours in order to reach a broader goal over an extensive period of time. Just two hours of using a standing desk a day, can have a massive effect on health problems like weight gain, the risk of obesity and more.

Finding The Right Desk For You

When it comes to adjustable desks, you shouldn’t knock them until you’ve tried them. Ixaxa is a furniture supplier in the greater Gauteng region, who will be able to assist you with your desking needs, be it for an adjustable or a regular desk, should you be curious about this, or have any questions. While it may take some convincing for the team, it can ultimately have a great effect on workplace productivity and morale, and also encourages your staff to take greater care of their own health. Set the example as the head of the business, and watch the rest follow your lead. Happy healthy desking!

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