About Us


In native African language, Ixaxa means a piece of furniture with a flat piece of wood with four legs. We like to hold this principle as the core focus of our product offering.

The office furniture we stock isn’t rough or crude but rather that we think that style and design should complement the simple quality, sturdiness and comfort of our furniture products rather than the other way around.

So, with over 20 years of collective management experience in the furniture industry, we decided to launch our furniture showroom and warehouse in 2009. Concentrating our offering on making up for where we felt other furniture companies were falling short: a completely customer focused service

Stock Held in a Physical Showroom for Immediate Availability

Waiting on a furniture order can be quite inconvenient if you’re redecorating your home. Waiting on an office furniture order so that a business can continue properly functioning, on the other hand, can be disastrous. So we opened a massive warehouse and extensive showroom to ensure that we are always able to accommodate any order, at any time and for any quantity. So your employees won’t have to wait at all for their improved workstation, thus eliminating massive operational wastage.

And, unlike many online office furniture websites, we have a physical showroom for all of our stock so the credibility of our company isn’t an issue and the quality of the products we sell can always be verified.

Quality and Style Our Core Focus

Our extensive experience in the office furniture and design industry has given us industry insights into the latest emerging trends as well as the most influential and dependable suppliers of these goods. This allows us to present our customers with only the most relevant and fashionable office furniture at the best prices.

A fashionable look to your office chairs is useful for enhancing your company’s brand image and exuding a feel of professionalism in your company. But this is rather useless when it only last a couple of years and then breaks. Product quality is our core focus, which is why we only stock the finest workstation furniture and guarantee our products for up to 3 years.

Watch Our Video

Want to find out more about Ixaxa? Watch the exclusive interview we did for It’s My Biz, a series sponsored by Nedbank to give business owners a platform to talk about their businesses.