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A Review of Height Adjustable Desks

A Review of Height Adjustable Desks

You may be used to your chair adjusting based on your height, but did you know that innovation in the furniture industry has started making height adjustable desks popular around the world? While South Africa is relatively slow to catch onto the trend, a lot of companies in Silicon Valley and other entrepreneurial hubs have started to use these desks as a staple, not only for their adjustability, but because they tend to be designed with tech advancements front of mind. Let’s look at these desk types today, exploring their benefits and giving you a sense of the best places to look at when buying your first one.

What is a Height Adjustable Desk?

These special desks are engineered to transition between you sitting and standing, and can be the perfect way for you to balance your time in your chair with the time spent working while in a more upright (and mobile) position. Most of these desks are designed with a lever-activated pneumatic air cylinder, allowing for fast transitions which factor in the additional weight attached to your desk. Gone are the days where you have to clear everything off your desk (and waste productive time) in order to transition a workspace into a mobile space. 

Popular Brands of Height Adjustable Desks

While many brands are slowly making their way to African shores, a couple to look out for based on international performance include NewHeights, VertDesk, XDesk, VariDesk and Uplift. These brands have some of the most innovative desk designs, and aside from being practical, their ranges are constantly updated to include the needs of consumers. This is particularly important in lieu of technological innovation in the workspace, and some may even argue that these desks are some of the more forward-facing options when choosing furniture that will keep up with modern developments.

Reasons Why Height Adjustable Desks Are Popular

There are three primary reasons why height adjustable desks have been growing in popularity in recent years. In terms of mobility, they offer you the chance to easily move desks around, accommodating all kinds of events, situations and meetings. This contributes to added flexibility, and these desks allow you to do so much more with your desk than you would be able to using a standard desk. You’re effectively paying for a desk that serves a multitude of purposes. Lastly, from a health perspective, these desks are great to help keep you healthy, especially as they encourage you to stand and work from time to time. Even just doing so for an hour a day reduces your risk of developing problems with your posture, keeps you moving during the course of the day, and is generally better for your overall health.

Finding The Best Desks For Your Office Space

If you’re looking to introduce these modern and forward facing desks to your office space, Ixaxa Office Furniture is a good place to gather a couple of quotes. Explore their online catalogue of desks, but also be sure to enquire about some of the newest ranges they have available at their showroom. Finding the right desks to create a dynamic and creative culture doesn’t require the services of an interior designed these days. With experts on hand, it can be a relatively simple process and you can be well guided along the way. 

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