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5 Things to Look For When Buying an Office Chair

5 Things to Look For When Buying an Office Chair

If you find yourself exhausted, sore and miserable after a long day of work, don’t reach for a cup of coffee. The culprit might very well be your trusty old office chair. Whether you are home-based, work in a typical office environment or call centre setup, the quality and design of your office chair plays a crucial role in your overall health and concentration levels.

Here are the 5 most important aspects to check when purchasing a new office chair:

Office Chair with Adjustable Height

Your knees should be parallel with the floor, with your feet comfortably flush against the floor to ensure no unnecessary strain is placed on your hips and knees. Also ensure that when adjusted to suit your height, the chair is still able to fit comfortably underneath your table – ideally to being you within 50cm of your computer screen. A seat height that ranges from about 40cm – 55cm off the floor should work for most people.


Office Chair with Adjustable Arm Rests

Tying back in with one of the criteria of the adjustable height feature, is the adjustable arm rest feature. Your shoulders should be relaxed – not slouching or pulled up high 0 when you are seated at your desk.

Also, ensure that the arm rests are adjusted accordingly so that you can fit comfortably into your desk. A general rule of thumb is that “the recommended arm position to reduce strain is to keep your upper arms close to vertical and your forearms close to the horizontal plane.”


Office Chair with Adjustable Lower Back Support

Sitting for extended periods without support for your lower back curvature will strain your spine and cause you to slouch. Make sure the lumbar support is adjustable in both height and depth; you want to keep the lumbar support of the back rest in your lumbar region (around the waistband).


Office Chair with Reclining and Adjustable Back Rest

Sitting up straight is not all it’s cracked up to be’ you need support, even when you’re a little slouched. “According to the experts, sitting at a reclined 135° angle puts the least strain on your back.”


Office Chair that is Mobile

Having wheels on your chair is going to make your life so much easier; not only do you have the ability to slide from one side of the desk to another, you now have the freedom to stretch you while still seated – something you should be doing at least every hour anyways. However – the TYPE of wheel you choose is also important. Carpeted surfaces require harder wheels for eaier movement, while a hard surface such a stiles or concrete are better suited to softer and more rubberised wheels to allow for smoother movement.


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