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5 Health Benefits of Ergonomic Chairs

5 Health Benefits of Ergonomic Chairs

Research has proven that sitting all day is extremely bad for your overall health. Studies have shown that sitting for extended periods, over time, can lead to higher rates of: high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, dangerous blood glucose levels, slow blood circulation, colon cancer, obesity, lower back pain, cardiovascular disease, and even death. Given this information, common sense tells us that standing or being active instead of sitting all the time would help your health.

For many who work in office jobs, however, sitting all day is the only option. In these cases, how do you work to minimize these health issues in the office? The answer is ergonomic chairs. An ergonomic chair is a chair designed to suit a person’s size, workspace, and the tasks they complete at their workspace. They are more supportive and more adjustable than typical chairs. You should be able to adjust a good ergonomic chair’s height, seat tilt, backrest tilt, backrest depth, and the synchronization of the seat and backrest.

It really is very important that ergonomic chairs be used because they help to reduce the strain on a number of key joint areas including:

  • Your shoulders
  • Your back
  • Your neck
  • Your wrists
  • Your hips
  • Your knees

And in fact most of your body both external and internal.

You would actually be surprised when you compare their cost to a standard office chair because there really is that much difference in price anymore. Sometimes they can even be cheaper.

If you are really serious about your health, they are a wise investment simply because they are proven to increase your productivity prevent serious injury.

Benefits of using Ergonomic Chairs at Work

  1. It supports your posture: Traditional chairs may be one of the reasons why people tend to have an incorrect posture while sitting at their desk. An ergonomic chair takes these problems into consideration. It has all the necessary features including head rest and back rest that support your posture while sitting. Moreover, you can adjust the height to sit with your feet flat on the floor, knees at an angle of 90 degrees to the floor and parallel to the hips. These corrections automatically help you to improve your posture.
  2. It is more comfortable: Ergonomic chairs are any day more comfortable than normal chairs because they are user-friendly. You can adjust all the features individually to fit your needs until you’re totally comfortable.
  3. It reduces the risk of neck problems:

Without a neck support for a long time while sitting, you’ll develop stiffness in your neck and shoulder region. This can even lead to complications like cervical spondylosis. Ergonomic chairs have a headrest that supports your head and neck even when you want to stretch out. This is especially a good feature for people who spend more time answering phone calls at work.

  1. It reduces the risk of back pain:

Ergonomic chairs come with a backrest that supports the natural curve of your spine. Unlike traditional chairs, ergonomic chairs are high enough to support the entire back. Some ergonomic chairs come with a reclining function that allows you to rest at an angle greater than 90 degrees.

  1. It reduces pressure on your hips:

Normal chairs have a hard surface. So when you sit, the seat exerts extra pressure on your hip region. An ergonomic chair has a good seat depth (measuring 2 to 4 inches from the back of your knees) that supports the hips and buttocks.

  1. It makes working easy:

All the features of an ergonomic chair are adjustable to accommodate different activities you may perform at your work desk. It also has a swivel feature that enables the user to move around swiftly without having to get up from the seat or without the need to extend and strain.

People should understand that ergonomic chairs are not the solution to all work-related health problems. Apart from ergonomic corrections at work place, they should also be aware about their posture while sitting. Even after using an ergonomic chair if you keep your back slouched, you will suffer all the kinds of problems. Therefore, some amount of physical activity or exercise is important.

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