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4 Things to Check When Buying an Office Chair

4 Things to Check When Buying an Office Chair

An office chair may be as much of an investment piece – if properly selected – as a boardroom table might be. Selecting the right office chair will allow you the freedom to move with ease around your work space, alleviate aches and pains associated with prolonged sitting, ease eye strain when working on your computer – and allow you to feel like you can keep up with the daily demands of work every day of the week.

It’s all fair and well we emphasize the importance of choosing the right office chair, but how exactly does one go about it?
Here are the 4 main features to look out for when you buy your “forever” office chair:


Does The Chair Look Right For Me?

This is two-fold; is the chair aesthetically pleasing to you – does it look like something you would want in your office? And does the chair look like something you would happily spend upwards of 6 hours a day in?

Making sure the chair looks right (in most cases, this will mean the chair has quality material, finishing’s and components) is a good indication of the build quality of the chair. Chairs which have inferior, cheaper material can be seen with the naked eye – so avoiding those is half the hard work done already!

If the chair generally looks comfortable, it probably is. Be sure to sit in the chair to feel if it measures up to your standards.


How Comfortable Is Your Office Chair?

If you are prone to a specific type of pain, for example – lower back pain or shoulder pain – ensure the chair you’ve chosen is going to be able to eliminate further problems with those specific pain-points.

The perfect office chair (in terms of comfort) should have the following components:

  • Adjustable back rest
  • Adjustable arm rests
  • Adjustable height
  • Mobile wheels for easy movement
  • Firm but comfortable support material


What Material Is Your Office Chair Made From?

Materials can make or break the lifespan of an office chair. Choosing a durable, thick and high-quality material can be the difference in choosing your “forever” office chair, vs your “6-months-and-the-chair-is-torn” office chair.

The most common types of materials used in the manufacturer of office chairs include leather, faux leather, mesh, vinyl, wood, fabric, and plastic.

An important part of selecting the right office chair is selecting one constructed of a material with which you can feel comfortable. You must ask yourself a few important questions: How will it feel on my skin? Will it offer any support? How easy will it be to clean? How long will it last?


What Function Does My Office Chair Need to Fulfil?

Will your office chair serve the primary function of keeping you comfortable and supported throughout your workday? Will it need to support a heavier person? Will it be used mainly for PC work or for administrative work (this is important as the chair will need to be fitted with wheels to comfortably do administrative work – especially if it is spread out over a large surface area which the user needs to access). Is the chair going to be used by someone who has specific needs – i.e. – mobility, support, flexibility.

Buying an ergonomic chair for your reception area is a waste of money – and buying an reception chair for employees who actually require a supportive chair is also a waste of money – so consider placement carefully when selecting your chair.


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