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High End Office Furniture Brands South Africa

High End Office Furniture Brands South Africa

If you’re a high roller who appreciates a well-made, good quality and high-end range of the finer things in life, your office furniture should be no different.

We list the best high-end off furniture brands available in South Africa, to help you choose your most luxurious fit 🙂

Crema Design

crema design furniture





From the outset, even this website speaks to those who enjoy contemporary, sleek and modern designs. The minimalist will enjoy their range, as well as those who enjoy design and functionality to be coupled.

Inspiration Office

Inspiration Office Furniture





This brand offers three various brands within itself; Steel Case, Inspiration Office and Angel Shack. All three of these brands offers something new and exciting to the user – from eclectic design through to refined, classic yet modern designs.

Office Innovations

office innovations furniture logo








Office Innovations offers a premier range of office furniture; this style of furniture can be described as classic with a twist. Small details are what allow the brand to stand out, while staying true to what we have come to know as quality.


casarredo office furniture






Speaking boldly to the modernist, the minimalist and the designer within, this range will blow the socks off even the most discerning office decorator.


Ukhuni Furniture





The simplistic design is what sets this specific brand apart; it is not loud, but it is alluring.

Bakos Brothers

bakos brother furniture










One of the longest standing brand names, we know Bakops Brothers offers great quality with a  reputable name.


Ixaxa Furniture






Offering all styles, the eclectic ranges of Mogoo and Juvel will appeal to modernists, while the Sofia and Turini ranges speak to the contemporary lover who enjoys comfort.


Not all high-end office furniture retailers are equal; check out the websites we’ve listed, and allow yourself some time to research what it is you’re aiming to achieve with your office furniture.


*The views and opinions expressed are not that of the supplier. The ranges specified are not officially ranked.

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